Three candidates vying for partial term on township board

C&G Newspapers | Published February 7, 2024


CLINTON TOWNSHIP — In Clinton Township, voters will elect a member of the Board of Trustees on Feb. 27 to serve one partial term ending on Nov. 20, 2024. Candidates were asked, in 75 words or fewer, to state their top goal(s) if elected. The answers are printed verbatim.


Clinton Township Board of Trustees
Three candidates are running for one partial term ending on Nov. 20, 2024.


Iona Means
Age: 61
Occupation: Retired Administrative Assistant to the Macomb County Superintendent of Roads
Municipality of residence: Clinton Township
For how long: Lifelong resident of Clinton Township
Online campaign information:
Education: Graduate of Clintondale High School (1980)
Previously and currently held elected offices: Appointed unanimously to one-year term on the Clintondale School Board (2022)
Top goals: I am committed to advocating for positive change. I will prioritize economic development, strategic road construction and insist on improved access to senior and youth recreational programming. We can provide all seniors and every young person the chance to take advantage of the resources offered by our Township. I will provide a new, strong voice for our community. It’s a new year and I want to be a new voice as your new Trustee!


Dan Kress
Age: 56
Occupation: Builder/Demolition
Municipality of residence: Clinton Township
For how long: moved here in 1980 (43yrs ago)
Online campaign information: none provided
Education: CVHS High School and College
Previously and currently held elected offices: No previous elected office
Top goals: If elected my top priority would be to pursue a Property Tax freeze, all while maintaining the same level of continued Community Fire, Police, Senior, Veteran, and all other Township services we currently have.

I hope to be a strong voice to assure that Clinton River water quality continues to improve, and help in any effort to STOP Oakland County from dumping sewage into our River.

Say YES to Kress, Your Common Sense Candidate!


Mike Sablia
Age: 40
Occupation: Small Business Owner
Municipality of residence: Clinton Twp.
For how long: 40 years
Online campaign information:
Education: Trade School
Previously and currently held elected offices: Previously appointed to Clinton Twp Historical Commission
Top goals: My top goals are to provide Clinton Township voters with an option outside of the two party bickering and become a Trustee that will insure tax payers money is spent in the most efficient way possible and to make sure Clinton Township is the least restrictive place it can be for people to do business and live the best lives they choose for themselves.