Teddy Petty and the Refugees opened the St. Clair Shores 2021 Music on the Lake series at Veterans Memorial Park.

Teddy Petty and the Refugees opened the St. Clair Shores 2021 Music on the Lake series at Veterans Memorial Park.

File photo by Patricia O’Blenes

There’s summer fun to be had in St. Clair Shores

By: Alyssa Ochss | St. Clair Shores Sentinel | Published June 7, 2023


ST. CLAIR SHORES — With the summer months arriving and the weather heating up, there’s a lot of fun to go around, especially with the events planned in St. Clair Shores.

Henry Bowman, St. Clair Shores Parks and Recreation director, named the events coming up in the summer. They include the farmers market where folks can find food trucks, fresh produce and musical acts.

“That’s going on the second Thursday of the month and the fourth Sunday,” Bowman said.

The pool opened on May 27 with a couple new features, Bowman said.

“We have a new dual flume slide there and it’s absolutely, it is really pretty cool,” Bowman said. “So definitely we want to encourage people, residents, get on down to the pool and enjoy it.”

He added that if nonresidents want to go to the pool, they have to go with a resident.

On June 17, the city will host Rock the Dock with two bands, The Camp Counselors and Whiplash. Whiplash, Bowman said, disbanded and is hosting a remembrance tour this year.

“People remember Whiplash because they used to play every year at Music by the Lake, so it’ll be a nice reunion,” Bowman said.

Other events include Music by the Lake, starting on June 7, fireworks on June 23, Barbeque and Brews on July 29 and Aquafest on Aug. 6.

The Music by the Lake concerts are every Wednesday night, and they have brand new bands and old favorites including Blue Water Kings, Stone Blossoms, The Family Tradition Band, Rockstar and Sunset Boulevard.

“We’ll be running our concerts for 10 weeks, and in July, we start our Monday night series, and we do that at Wahby Park Monday nights,” Bowman said.

They’re also working on expanding their fishing program for the summer, Bowman said.

“We want to teach more and more kids how to fish so we’re going to have fishing equipment every Sunday of the farmers market on loan,” Bowman said. “They’ll be able to go out there. We’ll have people out on our new fishing pier helping kids learn how to fish.”

Bowman said both nonresidents and residents are allowed to access the parks during events, but that access is limited to residents only on any other day. Residents need to have a park pass in order to enter the parks.

Matthew Hubinsky, the city’s senior center coordinator, named the fun events in store for the senior center this summer. They have a garden party, pickleball clinics and they’re trying to get out to the lavender festival. Hubinsky said they are involved with the Monday Chamber Concerts that start on July 10.

“Really nice setting,” Hubinsky said. “Great, different bands, they have festival of flutes, big band, all different options.”

They are also going to the Motown Museum, Eastern Market, two different boat trips and the sunflower festival as well, Hubinsky said.

“So just all different things,” Hubinsky said. “We want to get people outside having a good time.”

Hubinsky said the buses are accessible with lifts if needed and that seniors can navigate the festivals by themselves or bring a caregiver. The caregiver would be allowed on the bus.

Hubinsky said they’re working to lock in the behind-the-scenes things such as working with vendors and securing tickets needed for certain events. He said they are excited for the events.

“Our drivers are always there with them, sometimes a staff member,” Hubinsky said. “We like to take pictures just so we can remember how good of a time we had and it’s great to see how much fun everyone has.”