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The Friday 5 — May 8-10

Your guide to staying at home this weekend

C&G Newspapers | Published May 7, 2020

For this week’s stay-at-home edition of the Friday 5, we asked C & G staffers for their listening recommendations including music, podcasts and audiobooks for another weekend inside — or outside, keeping social distancing in mind. Here are their suggestions:  

1. Music and podcasts
I’ve been enjoying “Miss Anthropocene,” the latest album by Grimes, as well as “Michigan,” the 2003 album by Sufjan Stevens, which I recently picked up from Flipside Records in Clawson before COVID-19 struck. And “This is Love” is a podcast hosted by Phoebe Judge and the team that produced the hit podcast “Criminal.” Each episode explores a story rooted in a different flavor of love — feel-good for the whole fam.

— Sarah Wojcik, Staff Writer

2. Satellite radio
On SiriusXM satellite radio, I can almost always find a song I like between ’50s on 5, ’60s on 6, ’70s on 7, ’80s on 8 and ’90s on 9.

— David Wallace, Editor

3. Fitness podcast
If the gym being closed has got you considering other fitness options, the Runners Without Limits (formerly Go Find Your Awesome) Podcast tackles everything that a new runner would need to know. Hosted by a running coach, Heather, and her “awesome athlete” Jen, the show is a great way to get introduced to the sport.

— Kristyne E. Demske, Staff Writer

4. Podcasts and music
How Did This Get Made? Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend, and Newcomers: Star Wars. And Childish Gambino.

— Mike Koury, Staff Writer

5. Streaming music and audiobooks
Pandora! And Alexa has a lot of audiobooks and stuff.

— Kara Szymanski, Staff Writer

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