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‘The Dispo Difference’ On Display At Michigan’s First Cannabis Mall

In-Focus | Published July 24, 2023

ROMEO — It’s 2023, and Michigan is an awesome place to live. Not only are the many benefits of cannabis legally available to anyone over 21, you can find all the best brands and related merch under one roof at the state’s first cannabis mall, Dispo Romeo.

“Dispo has 12 locations and counting, and this is the first cannabis mall in Michigan,” said Darren Dabish, director of marketing for Dispo. “This is the first of its kind.”

The Dispo Difference will be on full display at Dispo Romeo. The mall is a 60,000-square-foot space near 32 Mile Road and Van Dyke Avenue offering a unique experience and luxurious amenities for patrons.

“The dispensary budroom is definitely one of the many focal points,” Dabish said. “It’s a large showcase budroom with 18 different stations and hundreds of different brands and products to choose from.”

It’s not only about size and volume, offering the largest selection of cannabis products in the state. It’s an opportunity for guests to browse and learn about the products offered, and where trained professionals stand ready to answer questions.

Facing the mall are seven shops for vendors, offering boutique-style merchandise, including paraphernalia and apparel that is often exclusive or limited edition.

Of course, no mall is complete without a food court, and Dispo Romeo will offer fresh, tasty fare from local vendors with both stationary storefronts and food truck services.

“Having the ability to build the first cannabis mall in Michigan is definitely a unique opportunity,” Dabish said. “We can set the
precedent for people who are wanting to do large scale projects that are the first of their kind. Our overall goal is to curate a destination point for consumers and the community as a whole. Having the opportunity to educate our guests is one of many important efforts we make to fight the stigma and make it more accepted and approachable. Dispo is not one to cut corners, we really value quality and do things the right way.”

“Dispo is really all about community involvement,” Dabish added. “We do canned food drives, coat and toy drives and many other initiatives. The team encourages local community involvement quite heavily as they want to support those who support us. From sponsoring community events, hosting events of their own at the mall location and donating to charity causes, Dispo proves to deliver the difference they promise as they continue to go the extra mile where it matters most. Dispo is always looking to partner with brands to do things that better the community and we do that in each community we reside in.”

Dispo Romeo is located at 100 Shafer Drive, in Romeo. For more information, visit