Teen charged with armed robbery in Berkley

By: Mike Koury | Woodward Talk | Published April 23, 2019

 Amadou Sene

Amadou Sene


BERKLEY — A 17-year-old from Southfield was arrested for the armed robbery of two teens at 10:40 p.m. Friday, April 12, in the 2400 block of Beverly Boulevard.

Amadou Sene was charged with two counts of armed robbery in the 44th District Court, one for each of the teens who was robbed. If found guilty, Sene faces any number of years up to life in prison for armed robbery.

According to Berkley Public Safety Department Detective Lt. Andrew Hadfield, two teens were inside a garage hanging out on Beverly before deciding to exit. As they were doing so, they were approached by three males, and Sene allegedly began to assault one of the two victims, an 18-year-old Berkley resident.

“(Sene) held him down to the ground,” Hadfield said. “Another suspect, No. 2, started going through his pockets, taking his wallet and cash. And suspect No. 3 had a gun, held down (the second victim, a 19-year-old Madison Heights man), and the second suspect then went through his pockets, took his wallet, cellphone and cash as well. The subjects then took off on foot from the area, getting into a vehicle, and fled the scene.”

Hadfield said the two victims drove around the block to see if they could find where the three suspects went. The victims eventually went to the Berkley Public Safety Department to report what had happened.

Berkley police said that they were able to track down Sene, as one of the two teens knew Sene through mutual friends, social media and school.

Sene also is believed to have been involved in another robbery of the same 18-year-old Berkley man a month prior, on March 15, according to Berkley police. On that date, the Berkley man was robbed under the same circumstances: at gunpoint by three people after hanging out in his garage.

Hadfield said that Sene had possibly been identified in the earlier robbery.

“At the time, the victim did not want to go forward with it for (his) own personal reasons,” Hadfield said.

After the April 12 incident, police located Sene at his apartment in Southfield, where he was placed under arrest at 12:30 a.m. April 13. Hadfield said the other two suspects were wearing masks and their identities were unknown.

“We did some investigative work (Friday) evening and on Saturday, which led to evidence on the suspect’s cellphone that provided two additional suspect names, as well as information on some of the items that were stolen,” Hadfield said. “The victims’ wallets were recovered in a trash can in Southfield.”

Hadfield said the other two suspects were still under investigation. Both were not cooperating with the investigation, he said.

“We’ve made contact with them directly at this point,” he said. “There’s some further information we have to do to be able to get charges from the prosecutor.”

Hadfield wanted to note that this robbery was not a random incident, but was targeted at a specific person.

“We don’t want people too concerned in the neighborhood,” he said. “Obviously, we don’t want (crimes) like this to happen. They rarely ever happen around here, but just so people are aware that this is targeting a specific individual and their belief knowing that he could have money and/or items to steal.”

Sene’s next hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. Friday, April 26, before Judge Derek Meinecke. His attorney, Ronnie Cromer Jr., could not be reached for comment by press time.