Teen charged after allegedly threatening violence at Bloomfield Hills High School

By: Mary Beth Almond | Birmingham - Bloomfield Eagle | Published December 13, 2021


BLOOMFIELD HILLS — A 15-year-old student has been charged in connection with threatening violence at Bloomfield Hills High School.

The Bloomfield Township Police Department received a tip about the threat at approximately 10 p.m. Dec. 9 through OK2SAY, the state’s confidential reporting system.

“The tip included the name of a student that allegedly made the threat, and names of witnesses to the threat,” authorities said in a press release.

The Police Department’s school security officer and school liaison officer immediately launched an investigation into the threat, which led to the arrest of a Bloomfield Hills High School student.

“The student’s parents are cooperating with police, and no weapons were found during a search of the student’s home,” authorities said in the release. 

The teen was lodged at Oakland County Children’s Village and was arraigned Friday, Dec. 10, on a charge of threatening to commit violence against students or employees on school property, a one-year misdemeanor. 

The student was released to his parents with a GPS tether and was ordered not to return to school. The next court date was scheduled for 3 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 14.

Police say an influx of threats of violence made to schools and districts have been reported since a gunman opened fire at Oxford High School Nov. 30, killing four students and wounding several other students and a teacher.

“We anticipated a flood of false threats,” Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said in a recent press conference. “I don’t know what is in people’s minds to think, after a real tragedy, it makes sense to make threats.”

Whether a threat is credible or not, it’s a crime that will be investigated and sent to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office, he said. As of Dec. 10, the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office had issued around a dozen petitions, or charges, against county students regarding school-related crimes since Nov. 30.

Bouchard said school districts around the state have recently closed because of concerns for student and staff safety. 

“We have seen first-hand the tragic consequences when these statements turn into action. Some may think it is a joke. It is not. Others see it as a way to get out of school. Or it may be a real precursor that we need to intervene and prevent,” Bouchard said in a press release. “We are aggressively investigating each of these threats and will seek to hold anyone accountable who makes such threats.”

Over the past few weeks, various other students have been charged after allegedly making threats of violence to local schools. 

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office arrested a 15-year-old male student Dec. 2 after he reportedly said he would “shoot up” the school if he could get a gun. Several guns were also removed from the student’s home, according to authorities.

“The student said he had been planning to get revenge against someone for several years,” authorities said in a press release.

 The teen was taken into custody Dec. 2 and appeared before an Oakland County probate referee, who authorized a misdemeanor petition charging the student with threatening to commit violence with a firearm against students or employees on school property. A conviction on the charge carries up to a year imprisonment and a $1,000 fine.

A 17-year-old Southfield student was charged with bringing a loaded gun to school, Southfield Regional Academic Campus, Dec. 1. Police Chief Elvin Barren stated the principal of the school, Dwayne Eason, was notified by a student that another student potentially was armed with a handgun on the campus.  Eason notified the school resource officer, who removed the student from class and conducted a search, where they found a loaded handgun in the student’s coat pocket. The gun was described as a Bersa Thunder 380 pistol.

“The weapon was attached with a magazine and three bullets,” said Barren. “There (were) no bullets in the chamber. Our findings suggest the student is known to carry a weapon and has been carrying this weapon for quite some time, maybe as much as several weeks.”

It’s unknown how the gun came into the position of the teen; it was not registered to any owner or reported stolen. Barren said the student claimed he found the weapon.

“This is a very serious offense, and we will hold him accountable,” Barren said.

The 17-year-old student was arraigned Dec. 2 on one count of carrying a concealed weapon. He was charged as a juvenile. The teen was not given a bond and was remanded to the custody of Oakland County Children’s Village.

Students are encouraged to talk to a trusted adult if they see or hear something that doesn’t seem right. Information can also be reported anonymously using OK2SAY at michigan.gov/ok2say or (855) 565-2729.