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Teen’s Valentine song picked up by national retailer

By: Linda Shepard | Rochester Post | Published February 12, 2014

 Olivia Millerschin’s song “Screw Valentine’s Day” will air in Kohl’s stores nationwide this month.

Olivia Millerschin’s song “Screw Valentine’s Day” will air in Kohl’s stores nationwide this month.

Photo by Erin Sanchez


ROCHESTER HILLS — Storytelling is the key to songwriting, said Olivia Millerschin.

Millerschin, 18 and a graduate of Rochester Adams High School, has been writing and singing since she was 10. Her song “Screw Valentine’s Day” will air in Kohl’s stores nationwide this month.

“The song is about being single and bitter on a day that is all about love,” Millerschin said. “I figured there were so many people who are bitter about it.” But she is quick to say she sees the bright side of the holiday. “There is chocolate, love and anything you could ever want,” she said.

“It doesn’t really matter what age or background you have — everyone can relate to music,” Millerschin said. “I can put out feelings, things I can’t say. Music is universal. It is a lot easier to put across your emotions with your voice.”

Millerschin currently attends the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. The teen is a trained musician who studied voice at Interlochen Center for the Arts for two summers, plays piano, guitar and ukulele, and is currently “working on mandolin.” A licensing contract with a New York company initiated the Kohl’s airing.

“I am going to go camp out at Kohl’s,” Millerschin said. “I want to hear it.”

She will also perform “Screw Valentine’s Day” at City Winery in New York Feb. 17 when she opens for musician Howie Day.

“I am getting a bunch of tours set up for the summer,” she said.

Millerschin was recently named a finalist in the rising stars category by the Los Angeles Music Critics and was named a “Star to Watch” in Lemonade Magazine. She was also nominated for three 2013 Detroit Music Awards.

“She’s been taking voice lessons since she was 10 at the Rochester Conservatory,” said mom Erin Millerschin, who lives in Rochester Hills.

“She was in choirs and started writing music at 13 and 14.”

Gigs at a local coffee shop gave Olivia confidence and led to performing at festivals and in nearby cities. “She wrote a bunch of songs and got them produced. That really got the ball rolling,” Erin Millerschin said.

“We are a musical family,” she said. “I sing, my other daughter plays guitar. My mom was a voice major at Kalamazoo College. It is in the blood.”

“My grandma has a tremendous voice,” Olivia Millerschin said. “Up until two years ago, I made my grandma and my mom sing me to sleep every night. They are the main reason I got into music.”