The city is planning the installation of two ground signs with Sterling Heights’ name on them.

The city is planning the installation of two ground signs with Sterling Heights’ name on them.

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Sterling approves M-59 corridor ring signage

By: Eric Czarnik | Sterling Heights Sentry | Published January 8, 2018


STERLING HEIGHTS — Sterling Heights likes the M-59/Hall Road corridor, so it’s going to put a ring on it. Actually, three rings.

During a Dec. 19 Sterling Heights City Council meeting, the council voted unanimously to put three visual displays, which incorporate golden ring emblems, along the city’s stretch of M-59. The ring design is intended to symbolize the “Golden Corridor.”

The three displays — a monument marker and two ground signs — are expected to cost a total of $339,350, and Shelby Township-based Warren Contractors and Development will be handling the work. The city expects landscape and median work to take place along M-59 in the spring.

The agenda item was pulled from the consent agenda for further council discussion prior to voting.

City Manager Mark Vanderpool explained that the signage fits with the conclusions arrived at by a Visioning 2030 focus group in 2014. 

He said the focus group determined that one of the city’s weaknesses is a lack of defining features. The group also wanted to see destination focal points and aesthetically pleasing roads and green spaces, he added.  

Vanderpool added that the M-59 corridor is home to hundreds of Sterling Heights businesses.

“With over 100,000 motorists traveling through the area daily with little knowledge that they’re in Sterling Heights, businesses and residents expect that the city is doing all that is possible to preserve and enhance these prominent corridors,” he said.

Drawing attention to M-59/Hall Road is part of a broader regional effort among communities to enhance the branding of that stretch of road as the Golden Corridor that spans from Utica to Lake St. Clair, Vanderpool said.

Vanderpool said the signage package includes an iconic ring monument — 35 feet tall — that will be located near Lakeside Mall. Smaller rings will be attached to two ground signs that will have Sterling Heights’ name on them. The ground signs will be located near Delco Boulevard and near Hayes Road, he said.

Mayor Michael Taylor said sculptural features like the rings and the Van Dyke Avenue mile markers may not by themselves increase home values, but he believes the cumulative effect will pay dividends 15 or 20 years down the road.   

“But when we do a bunch of these things — targeted, unique, distinctive things that are coordinated together — I think that over time, the city really benefits from it,” he said.

“I think this is a great way for the city of Sterling Heights to get exposure and for people to really take notice that the city of Sterling Heights is doing unique, interesting things.”

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