State trooper crashes on Interstate 75

By: Andy Kozlowski | Madison - Park News | Published March 1, 2018

MADISON HEIGHTS — An attempt to catch up to a speeding vehicle and initiate a traffic stop resulted in a state trooper crashing on Interstate 75 recently.

The incident occurred around 2:30 a.m. Feb. 21 on southbound I-75 near 12 Mile Road in Madison Heights. According to Michigan State Police Lt. Michael Shaw, the officer had been attempting to pull over a vehicle he had seen driving at high speeds. The officer then lost control of his Dodge Charger and collided with the inside median wall.

The suspect vehicle got away, and Shaw did not provide a description of it. He confirmed that the officer suffered non-life-threatening injuries. He was taken to Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, where he was then treated and released.

The patrol car, meanwhile, incurred major front-end damage. No other vehicles were affected.

A second car crash, unrelated to the first, occurred around the same time near 13 Mile Road in Madison Heights. The vehicle in that incident incurred minor damage. There were no injuries.

Shaw said that the state trooper lost control because he was driving too fast in the rain. The two incidents prompted the Michigan State Police to tweet on its Twitter account (@mspmetrodet): “Rain and speed are not a good match.”

Shaw noted that police vehicle accidents involving fleeing suspects accounted for about 600 crashes in 2017. That being said, police are extremely well-trained to drive under difficult conditions.

“Our troopers have driver training at our track in Lansing and refreshers throughout their career,” Shaw said.

As for drivers in general, Shaw said the most effective way to avoid accidents is to focus on the road.

“Slow down and don’t tailgate,” Shaw said. “And of course, put the phone down!”