St. Clair Shores teen runs 50 miles to raise funds for kids

By: Kristyne E. Demske | St. Clair Shores Sentinel | Published November 18, 2020

 Patrick Green, left, runs 4 miles every four hours for 48 hours to raise money and awareness for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Patrick Green, left, runs 4 miles every four hours for 48 hours to raise money and awareness for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Photo provided by Sara Green

ST. CLAIR SHORES — Seventeen-year-old Patrick Green used to hate running.

“I didn’t like it one bit, but (after) about a year on the cross country team, I started to really enjoy it a lot,” said the Lakeview High School senior.

Fast-forward three years and Green just capped off his senior cross country season with a 48-hour, 50-mile challenge that raised hundreds of dollars to help children of injured or deceased veterans achieve their college dreams.

“The 4x4x48 was designed by David Goggins, who was a former Navy Seal. He’s big on pushing yourself to the limits and even past it, and this was definitely one of the ways to do it,” Green said. “I challenged myself and saw what I could do and saw what else I had in the tank.

“I did do an extra two miles to round it up to 50 instead of 48.”

The 48-hour challenge had Green running 4 miles every four hours over the course of two days.

“Originally, I planned on just doing it and not telling anyone about it, (but) it was an opportunity to raise awareness for this great foundation and to help others while I was doing it,” he said.

Green raised nearly $850 for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, an organization that provides money for college tuition to students whose parents have died or are severely wounded in the line of duty. Green hopes to join the U.S. Marine Corps after attending college.

“This foundation, it just really struck (me). I thought about all those kids whose parents passed away or who were not able to provide” a college education for them, he said. “That would be an awful situation to be in, so I put myself in that situation for a little bit.”

Patrick’s mother, Sara Green, said he had participated in both the Junior ROTC at Lakeview High School and the Navy Sea Cadet Program. When he decided to do the challenge, she encouraged him to find a cause to support at the same time.

“You try to encourage your kids to reach out a little bit and make it a little more than just for themselves,” she said.

At noon on Friday, Nov. 6, Green laced up his sneakers and went out for his first 4-mile run.

“The run went definitely better than I thought it was going to go,” he said. “I didn’t feel it, physically, until it was done. It was more mental, having to wake up and having to do it again.”

He averaged a pace of 7:15 per mile over the course of the two days, with runs supported by friends and family who either ran or biked with him as he completed the miles.

Green said he couldn’t have asked for better weather Nov. 6-8 to complete his challenge; he didn’t pick the weekend for the challenge based upon the weather, it was just the first weekend he could do it after his cross country season ended. His final run was at 8 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 8.

“Once I got started, I realized it was definitely a big event to do,” he said.

Sara Green said she was incredibly proud of her son for his accomplishment. While it might not seem like a lot to run 4 miles every four hours, she said by the time the run is over and he stopped, took a shower and had some food, it only left him an hour-and-a-half to two hours to sleep at one time.

“He’s fatigued through the night. That’s rough. It takes an incredible amount of dedication to what you’re doing to do that,” she said.

She said her son is in “very good shape,” which helped.

“As a mom, I really wanted to support him raising money and him creating the event. What I think is wonderful is how far Patrick has come,” she said. “Coaches and teachers that have poured into him to make this pretty amazing human.”

He asked family and friends for their support and raised a few hundred dollars, but when he and his mother shared the news on Facebook, there was an outpouring of support and more donations began to pour in to the cause.

“To raise this much is just amazing,” he said.

Donations are still being accepted at