Southfield teen charged with bringing loaded gun to school

By: Mike Koury | Southfield Sun | Published December 7, 2021

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SOUTHFIELD — A 17-year-old Southfield student was charged with bringing a gun to his school.

The incident took place at approximately 12:30 p.m. Dec. 1 at the Southfield Regional Academic Campus, 21705 Evergreen Road. At a news conference Dec. 2, Police Chief Elvin Barren stated the principal of the school, Dwayne Eason, was notified by a student that another student potentially was armed with a handgun on the campus.

Barren said Eason notified the school resource officer, who removed the student from class and conducted a search, where they found a loaded handgun in the student’s coat pocket. The gun was described as a Bersa Thunder 380 pistol.

“The weapon was attached with a magazine and three bullets,” said Barren. “There (were) no bullets in the chamber. Our findings suggest the student is known to carry a weapon and has been carrying this weapon for quite some time, maybe as much as several weeks.”

The incident came one day after the deadly school shootings at Oxford High School, where four students were killed and multiple others were injured, reportedly by 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley.

Unlike that incident, Barren said there was no indication this was a potential copycat situation or a threat to the school

“(It was) rather a poor decision from this young man to not only carry a weapon, but to carry a weapon on school property,” he said.

Barren commended the student who brought the information about the student carrying the gun to the principal, as it allowed police to arrest the teen without incident.

The police chief further advised students in the future that if they see anything suspicious in their school, they should say something so authorities can act quickly to resolve these incidents.

“I’m so thankful that that student did that, because if that went unchecked, what could’ve happened in the future?” he said.

It’s unknown how the gun came into the position of the teen, which was not registered to any owner or reported stolen. Barren said the student claimed he found the weapon.

“This is a very serious offense, and we will hold him accountable,” Barren said.

The 17-year-old student was arraigned Dec. 2 on one count of carrying a concealed weapon. He was charged as a juvenile. The teen was not given a bond and was remanded to the custody of Oakland County Children’s Village.