Southfield resident turns troubling experience into children’s book

By: Jacob Herbert | Southfield Sun | Published April 8, 2021

 Southfield resident Alisha Love poses with her new children’s book based on creating habits of positive daily affirmation that Love used while dealing with two complicated pregnancies.

Southfield resident Alisha Love poses with her new children’s book based on creating habits of positive daily affirmation that Love used while dealing with two complicated pregnancies.

Photo provided by Alisha Love


SOUTHFIELD — One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, life has been difficult for a lot of people, and Alisha Love is no different.

Love was diagnosed with an incompetent cervix in 2017 and was put on bedrest for 23 weeks while pregnant with her first child. An incompetent cervix occurs when weak cervical tissue causes or contributes to premature birth or the loss of an otherwise healthy pregnancy.

After losing her first child, Love again became pregnant in 2018 and again was put on bed rest for the same issue, this time for 24 weeks. Being stuck in bed for 5 1/2 months with nothing but fears and anxiety of losing another child is a lot to undertake.

As a way to ease her anxiety, Love was able to develop a pattern of daily affirmations.

“My parents taught me the importance of using positive words,” Love said. “During the time that I was pregnant I had a list of affirmations that I would go over every day. I did it all the way up through when my daughter was born, and it’s something that we still do today.”

Love gave birth to her daughter on April 8, 2019. Just as Love did for herself, she continues to go over affirmations with her daughter daily. Those affirmations, along with her experiences while on bedrest, inspired Love to write her own children’s book, titled “How I Discovered My Power: A Story of Affirmations for Children and Families.”

The book is focused on the main character, Mia, who grew up in a household where her parents taught her about the importance of speaking positively about herself. Mia’s parents have a routine in the bathroom every morning where she writes an affirmation on the mirror to set a positive tone for the day. Before she gets out of the car for school, they go over affirmations together.

Mia begins sharing these affirmations with fellow classmates at school, and her teacher catches wind of it. The teacher invites Mia to start sharing affirmations with the students, which was new for many of the students. The more affirmations she shared, the more impactful it started to be.

“It feels good just because I got it done and I got it out there,” Love said of the book, released in December 2020. “This is not just good for kids. It’s a message for parents. Anybody can take something from this book and they can actually use it and apply it. There are principles and things in the book that can be helpful to anybody. I’m just happy to have a way to show people how to be encouraged and to show people how positive words can definitely be impactful.”

One person who found Love’s words inspiring and impactful was Debi Stanton, Pen It Publications’ president. Pen It Publications is a traditional publisher based in Scipio, Indiana. The company has a submissions email where authors can pitch a story idea, and Stanton will either decide to adopt the idea or pass on it.

After reading Love’s heartwarming words, Stanton decided that her company would publish the book.

“I think it was just the fact that she was really friendly and real easy to get along with, but also it really was the book,” Stanton said about what stood out to her most. “I don’t really know much about the authors when I accept or reject a book. But she sent a very good synopsis, her inspiration and things like that. Actually reading the book, if I can’t see it in my head and I can’t see people relating to the story, we don’t always take the book. But with this one I can really see kids reading it and being inspired to do good.”

Stanton said Love would be a top candidate for book signings when those types of activities can be done again safely. The publisher said Love has the ability to draw people to her, especially children.