Shores offers new water bill option to residents

By: K. Michelle Moran | Grosse Pointe Times | Published February 27, 2018

GROSSE POINTE SHORES — If you’re a Grosse Pointe Shores resident trying to reduce paper usage to save the planet, or if you just don’t like having to keep track of paper bills, the Shores has a new option that might be perfect for you.

During a Feb. 20 Shores City Council meeting, Finance Officer/Treasurer Rhonda Ricketts announced that she was “now able to email water bills” to anyone who wants them. The city currently sends out these bills as a postcard.

Residents who opt for emailed bills will avoid paper clutter, and, as Ricketts pointed out, there’s “less of a chance of a postcard (bill) getting misplaced.”

Besides convenience for residents, the emailed bills could spell some savings for the city. For every bill that’s emailed instead of snail mailed, Mayor Ted Kedzierski noted, “We save on the postage.”

This is the latest technological development for Shores water users. In 2015, the city introduced an online water bill payment feature on the city’s website. Residents can also use that feature to monitor their water usage, verify that the city received their payments, and contact city officials via email with any questions they might have about their water bills and accounts.

At the time it was introduced, Kedzierski called this a “good service to have.”

However, there is an additional fee associated with online bill payments using a credit card. As of March 3, 2016, these payments were subject to a 3.25 percent surcharge.

A link to the online water bill payment service was posted on the home page of the city’s website, To add a water and sewer account, residents first need to call or email city administrators to receive their location identification number. They also need to supply administrators with the amount of their most recent payment.

To receive an emailed water bill or for more information about emailed water bills, contact city administrators at (313) 881-6565 or