Seniors receive full college scholarships

By: April Lehmbeck | Advertiser Times | Published May 17, 2015

HARPER WOODS — Getting a full scholarship to college takes hard work, which is why two students from Harper Woods Schools have been fielding a lot of congratulatory greetings while walking the halls of the high school recently.

Naylan Johnson will attend Alabama A & M University in the fall, and Micah White will head to the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

Harper Woods Schools Parent and Community Engagement Specialist Deborah Whitelow said she is proud of the students.

She said it’s good in “today’s time when you have students who can academically do well and athletically do well.” 

The students earned their scholarships for academic and athletic achievement, she said.

Johnson is a top athlete at Harper Woods in sports including varsity football and baseball. He plans to study architecture next year.

“Ever since I was young, I always liked buildings and wondered how they were built,” Johnson said.

He has dreams of someday being able to give back by using his skills to make positive change and bring new development to a neighborhood where he used to live.

He chose to head to school in Alabama because he wanted to continue a legacy: Both of his uncles went to college in Alabama.

“They were extremely excited for me,” Johnson said of his family’s reaction to the full ride. “Every time we have a family get-together, I get a pep talk from everybody.”

White plans to study kinesiology in the sports medicine department. Her dream is to play in the WNBA. If that doesn’t come to fruition, she wants to stay close to the world of basketball.

“I love sports and especially basketball,” she said. “I just want to be close to the sport.”

White called it a coincidence how she discovered that she would be getting the full ride.

She had emailed the coach at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. The coach responded that he already knew who she was and that he already had plans to contact her with an offer.

Her parents were excited for her, especially with her dad’s position in the basketball program in Harper Woods.

“They were super excited — especially my dad because he’s the coach,” she said.

Their families weren’t the only ones excited for Johnson and White.

“A lot of people, when we’re walking by, (say), ‘Congratulations, we’re so happy for you,’” White said.