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Second flier circulated in Southfield

By: Kayla Dimick | Southfield Sun | Published September 15, 2015

 This flier was found on lawns in Southfield.

This flier was found on lawns in Southfield.


Another flier is reportedly making its way around the city.

Some residents reportedly found the fliers on their front lawns the morning of Sept. 15. The fliers have messages about race and gay rights, and photos of a handful of city officials.

One side of the document contains the headline “Southfield is an open city” and promotes marriage equality. Photos of former Councilman and current mayoral candidate Ken Siver, acting Mayor Donald Fracassi and Councilman Sidney Lantz can be seen, with prompts to vote for those individuals.

The other side of the document includes photos of the three men, in addition to photos of Deputy Chief Nick Loussia, Deputy Chief John Fitzgerald, City Planner Terry Croad and City Administrator Fred Zorn.

In addition to those photos, the flier includes Internet memes and photos regarding racism. Text reading, “# ALL LIVES MATTER” and “WE SUPPORT DIVERSITY” is placed around photos, along with a photo of a sign that reads “RACISM was almost DEAD in AMERICA until OBAMA,” among other images. The bottom of the flier reads, “VOTE SIVER & FRACASSI & LANTZ NOVEMBER 2015,” and “we’ve already won so let’s make it a landslide and show them who is in charge.”

On Aug. 21, another flier was circulated in the city, that one with an illustration depicting a white man in a police uniform wearing a hood similar to the uniform of a Ku Klux Klan member. He is shown pointing a handgun at a black child holding candy. In the background, a Confederate flag can be seen under a tattered American flag. In the top right corner, the city’s motto, “Southfield, the Center of It All,” can be seen.

On the back, a handful of city officials’ photos are plastered with the headline, “Let’s get the blacks out of Southfield in November.”
Officials on the Aug. 21 flier included Fracassi, Siver, Lantz, Loussia and Fitzgerald.

A picture of Trayvon Martin was reportedly located on the back of the flier. Underneath, it reportedly said, “We will stop thugs like this. Vote Siver Vote Fracassi Vote Lantz November 2015.”

Southfield officials condemned the first flier. Community Relations Director Michael Manion said in a previous report that no officials were involved in creation of the first flier.

Zorn said Sept. 15 that the creation and distribution of the fliers is affecting the quality of life in Southfield.

“Every time one of these fliers goes out there it diminishes the value of our community,” Zorn said. “I find these matters exhausting. We have a minimum amount of resources, and it literally steals the resources of our community.”

Lantz said he knew nothing of the second flier.

“I don’t have anything to do with it. My 30 years of experience on council speaks for itself,” Lantz said.

Croad also said he had nothing to do with the creation of the document.

“Obviously I do not condone any negative type of campaigning,” Croad said. “It’s kind of cowardly when they don’t identify who it is.”

Siver, Fracassi and Loussia could not be reached for comment. Manion said he couldn't comment because he had not yet seen the flier. Fitzgerald referred comment to Loussia.