Scout to replace worn Eastpointe signs along Kelly Road

By: Kevin Bunch | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published October 14, 2015


EASTPOINTE — An Eastpointe teenager is planning to replace five worn-out signs along Kelly Road for his Eagle Scout project this fall.

According to Alex Fisette, 15, the signs — which run from 10 Mile Road down to Eight Mile Road — were built to let community organizations, churches and the schools advertise their events and programs. The wooden signposts have degraded over the years to the point where some have started falling apart.

Fisette, who goes to Lakeview High School, said that once he made his current Boy Scout ranking, he needed to think of a project to become an Eagle Scout. He said the city has given him so much in terms of clubs, businesses and activities that he wanted to do something for his community.

“I wanted to give back and show my thanks to Eastpointe and all it’s done,” Fisette said. “I’m giving back to my community for all the hard work and effort they put into putting everything on the line — sometimes making hard choices.”

He said that near the start of summer, he went to City Hall to see what he could help with, and the signs came up as being in need of replacement.

Joe Merucci, a Department of Public Works supervisor, was assigned to work with Fisette and said that when Fisette was first trying to come up with a project, they both hit on the idea of replacing the signs at about the same time.

“The signs need replacing — they’re weather-beaten, and it looks like they were constructed with pre-Wolmanized (weather-protected) wood,” Merucci said. “And the signs are used all the time, so it was just really convenient for him to be able to do as a project.”

Fisette has spent time since then determining what he needs and raising the money necessary to build the new signs.

Fisette was scheduled to have a fundraiser at the Cloverleaf in Eastpointe Oct. 12, after press time; he was hoping to raise at least $500, the minimum he would need to build new signs.

“He’s not allowed to keep the money,” his mother, Denise Fisette, said. “Anything above and beyond means he can add more to the signs, spruce them up more, and if there’s anything left over, it gets donated to the city.”

If he can raise enough money, Alex Fisette said, he would like to use Wolmanized wood for the signs, since it would last longer than untreated kinds.

“If we can get that and some white paint, we can probably remake the signs to what they were,” he said.

So far, Alex Fisette said he had received a $100 donation from the Eastpointe Networking Club, and both the city and local businesses had been advertising his Cloverleaf fundraiser. He was taking personal donations from anyone or any group interested in helping.

Ideally, Denise Fisette said, they will finish the project by mid-November, after which the ground will be too cold to set up the signs. If Alex is unable to get all the signs put into place before it gets too cold, the project would have to be completed in the spring.

Denise Fisette said that even if they can get a few of the signs installed before winter, it would be better than the current situation. Since the old signs already are mounted in the ground, replacing them should be as straightforward as pulling the old ones out, placing the new ones in the ground and securing them, she said.

Merucci said the work is entirely in Alex Fisette’s hands at this point; all he has to do is keep the city informed about when he plans to do the sign replacement so that city workers and police can be notified.

Anyone interested in helping with the project can contact Denise Fisette at (586) 776-7205 or at