School board honors Roseville High School Marching Panthers

By: Bria Brown | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published November 30, 2016


ROSEVILLE — The Roseville Community Schools Board of Education honored the Roseville High School Marching Panthers Nov. 21 for earning ratings of all ones, the best ratings, at the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association Marching Band Festival Oct. 11.

At the festival, three judges evaluated the marching bands on their music, their marching and their showmanship, according to the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association website. Each band had a 15-minute block of time to enter the field, perform its show and exit the field.

In his 12th year at Roseville, Daniel Chesher, Marching Panthers band director, said the band started preparing in May.

“We started to plan the marching band show in May. The students and I picked out music, and then shortly after that the color guard — the girls and guys who spin the flags in the field — and the drum line started rehearsing in June,” said Chesher. 

The students had one week off from practice in the summer, according to Chesher. Throughout the summer they practiced for three hours a day, twice a week.

Chesher recalled the reaction from the band after receiving all ones.

“They were ecstatic. There were tears of joy. Their eyes got huge; their jaws dropped. They could hardly march up to get the award. They were so excited,” said Chesher.

This is the first time that Roseville has gotten straight ones since Chesher became the band director in 2004.

Derrick Vanway is the percussion section leader with Rebecca Budd. This year, Vanway was center snare and Budd was bass.

Vanway said that obstacles made their section work harder.

“In May, we got our first piece of music that was deemed not suitable for our drum line,” said Vanway.

Once the piece was rewritten, the drum line was able to practice.

“We didn’t start practicing until later, and that kind of took a toll on us, but it just made us work a lot harder than we had (in the past) too,” said Vanway.

Shyanne Stanley is the color guard captain with Jada Simmons. Stanley said the work put in during previous years helped prepare her for the festival.

“This is my fourth year. I knew you had to work a lot harder to make sure the girls were always together. From previous years, I took things from my freshman year to now, like, ‘We can’t do this, but we can do this,’ and it would make things look a lot better,” said Stanley.

During the school board meeting, each student was called up by Chesher to receive his or her award for doing so well at the festival.

When the meeting was over, the band took a group photo outside the McLeod Auditorium with the awards.