Roseville superintendent announces retirement

By: Brendan Losinski | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published June 25, 2019

 John Kment

John Kment


ROSEVILLE — John Kment, the superintendent of Roseville Community Schools, announced his plans to retire after 51 years serving the district.

He began teaching in 1968, teaching high school social studies, science and English. In 1978, he was named assistant principal and athletic director of Brablec High School, where he served for eight years, before being named principal of Roseville High School in 1986. He was named the district’s superintendent in 1988 and has served in the position ever since.

“The best thing I’ve ever done in my life besides marrying my wife was coming to Roseville,” Kment said. “We have a great community, great families, a great staff and great students. It’s just time to let someone else lead things.”

During his career, he earned a master’s degree in social studies, a master’s degree in special education, as well as an education specialist degree in administration.

Kment said it was a twist of fate that led him to teach in Roseville. While taking an undergraduate course while he was a student at Wayne State University, he was assigned to visit a school board meeting in Roseville. At that meeting, the school board voted to build Carl Brablec High School, so he applied for a job there.  

He said he is excited to start the next phase of his life and spend time with his 10 grandchildren, but added that he will miss the life he has built for himself in the district.

“It will feel funny to wake up in the morning and not come to the schools,” Kment said in a press release. “I will greatly miss the people of this district and all of the great friendships I have made over the years.”  

Kment said that among his most proud memories of being superintendent is building a strong faculty.

“I’ve been involved in almost all teacher hirings for the last 30 years, and I’m proud of the people we have,” said Kment. “People can know all there is about science or history or math, but if you don’t like kids, you should go write a book or work somewhere else. I think I did a good job picking out teachers who have a passion for teaching kids.”

He also said he was proud to maintain art, music and physical education classes in the district.

“We didn’t have elementary art, music or physical education when I arrived here, and I was able to convince the board to support those programs,” he said. “I believe in public school education, and one of the greatest things about education in this country is the inclusion of the liberal arts. … It helps you grow and stay healthy, and I am proud students get that here.”

Board of Education President Theresa Genest thanked Kment for his many years of service to the district.  

“Mr. Kment has been an exceptional leader for our schools, and his dedication, honesty and friendship will be greatly missed by us all,” she stated in a press release.

Assistant Superintendent Mark Blaszkowski was selected as the new superintendent at the school board meeting May 30. He will officially take over the position on Kment’s last official day Thursday, Aug. 1.

“Our schools give students the skills to become productive members of society, which allows them the opportunity to achieve their dreams,” Blaszkoski said in a press release. “I, along with the Board of Education and every employee in the district, must make sure our schools do just that.”

Blaszkowski joined Roseville Community Schools in 1992, teaching science at the secondary level. He became assistant principal at Eastland Middle School in 1997, and then head principal in 2000. He spent nine years in that position before moving over to the administration building to become curriculum director in 2009. He then took over as assistant superintendent in 2015. 

Blaszkowski said that he is looking forward to building relationships with the community and facing all of the challenges that exist with the new role. 

“I would like to build a plan for the future and do so by including all of the stakeholders — community and business leaders, residents, parents, teachers, board members and administrators,” he said in a press release. “Everyone will benefit from this process and it will help to assure that we are meeting the needs of the community.”

  Genest said Blaszkowski is the right choice for the new superintendent for several reasons.  

“He has experience in all of the important components of our district leadership, including curriculum, instruction, budgeting, staffing, negotiations, etc.,” she stated. “He stays up on the new trends in education, he works well with other administrators and staff members, and is well-respected throughout the county. We are excited to have Mr. Blaszkowski as the new superintendent of Roseville Community Schools.”

“Mr. Blaszkowski is extremely loyal to the Roseville community, and he is somebody that I am proud to say will be carrying on the Roseville legacy,” added Kment.

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