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 Interactive screens, such as the one pictured, are being added to Roseville Schools alongside several other technology upgrades during the 2019-20 school year. The upgrades were made possible thanks to a bond measure approved by voters in 2018.

Interactive screens, such as the one pictured, are being added to Roseville Schools alongside several other technology upgrades during the 2019-20 school year. The upgrades were made possible thanks to a bond measure approved by voters in 2018.

Photo provided by Joe Genest

Roseville school district welcomes technology upgrades

By: Brendan Losinski | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published September 4, 2019

ROSEVILLE — As Roseville Community Schools enters the new school year, it is welcoming the addition of several technology upgrades.

The upgrades are the result of a bond measure approved by voters in the community in 2018. The bond has already provided the district with the resources to add in a new athletic field and to purchase new band instruments and new buses. Now the funds will mean that Roseville students will all be getting their own 11.6-inch notebook computers.

“These devices will allow students who may not have internet access at home to complete their assignments by doing the work on the device, which is then transferred when they get to a WiFi zone. It’s an exciting but stressful time to get this all going,” said Mike Antoine, the district’s director of technology. “High school and middle school students are getting their devices this year, and 1-to-1 devices for the elementary students will go out next year. Other than that, everything is going in this year. Everything is approved; now it’s just a matter of implementing it throughout the school year.”

Lab computers and teacher computers also will be replaced as part of the technology upgrades.

“Our computers were reaching the end of their lives, so the support for both the hardware and operating systems was going to be discontinued,” said Antoine. “This was very much needed in our district, and this new equipment will provide new opportunities for students and staff.”

Roseville Superintendent Mark Blaszkowski said these upgrades will make a huge difference in the educational opportunities for students.

“It’s going to transform how they learn, because the technology will make learning more interactive and allow them to better collaborate with peers and teachers,” he said. “It also will expand their learning space outside the classroom and will give them quicker access to information, and having those resources in front of them will help them learn better.

He added that the benefits of more technological education will extend beyond high school.

“Our students will be better prepared for the next level,” Blaszkowski said. “Whether they go to a university or trade school or whatever else, they will be better prepared by being familiar with this sort of technology. That’s doubly true for when they enter the workforce.”

In addition to the new computers, the district also will be installing new interactive displays in classrooms; adding security cameras; adding wireless access points; putting in indoor access and sensor systems; and upgrading school public address systems, district network switches and battery backup units.

“Teachers will have the ability to create interactive lessons with their classes, which can then be shared with other teachers,” Antoine said in a press release. “Lessons can be captured and saved for future use or sent to absent students. The (interactive display) board can be connected to student devices in the classroom, which can allow teachers to view a student device when solving a problem, or to get real-time feedback on class questions and quizzes. The board also gives the teachers access to the internet, serving as a large-screen monitor.”

Roseville High School’s planetarium, one of only two high schools in Macomb County to house such a resource, also received a complete overhaul. This included a core system replacement, a new dome and upgraded seating.

Blaszkowski said such upgrades will mark a tangible improvement in students’ education and that the more technical aspects of the upgrades were necessary to make sure it all worked properly. He said all of it will add up to create a better learning environment for the community’s youths   .

“Going to a 1-to-1 device environment requires the infrastructure to make it work, or else that investment would just be a waste of money,” he explained. “The security upgrades were to make sure we are providing as safe an environment as possible in our school. More cameras and door monitors allow us to better know what is happening in our buildings.”

He also expressed gratitude toward community members who supported the bond measure.

“None of this would have been possible without the bond,” Blaszkowski said.

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