On Nov. 1, the AT&T Foundation presented a check for $10,000 to the Roseville Community Schools Scholarship Foundation to benefit 10 students in their college pursuits.

On Nov. 1, the AT&T Foundation presented a check for $10,000 to the Roseville Community Schools Scholarship Foundation to benefit 10 students in their college pursuits.

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Roseville Scholarship Foundation receives $10,000 donation

By: Brendan Losinski | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published November 12, 2019


ROSEVILLE — The Roseville Community Schools Scholarship Foundation, a nonprofit group within Roseville Community Schools that helps students pay for college, received a $10,000 donation from the AT&T Foundation Nov. 1.

The donation was part of the AT&T Aspire program, which is an initiative focused on assisting students with higher education. 

“We give out hundreds of thousands of dollars from the foundation each year, and we do it around the state,” said Lori Doughty, the regional director of external affairs for AT&T Michigan. “We try to focus on improving graduation rates and getting kids to college, so something like this program in Roseville Community Schools is perfect.”

Thanks to this donation, 10 students will receive $1,000 each for use in paying for higher education.

“This money can be used for anything school related: books, tuition, paying for classes … anything that can aid in their education,” said Kathy Clulo, president of the Roseville Community Schools Scholarship Foundation. “This gives kids who might not have had an opportunity to go to college a chance. It can change their lives.”

The AT&T Foundation gives out numerous donations throughout the year and tries to vary the areas where it helps.

“We start at the beginning of the year, when we get our budget,” Doughty explained. “We look at what areas of the state have the most need or that we haven’t helped in a while, so we can spread out help all over Michigan and everyone in the state can get a little bit of it.”

Doughty added that the donation to Roseville Community Schools began because of a previous relationship with 22nd District State Rep. John Chirkun, who represents Roseville and part of Warren.

“The relationship between the AT&T Foundation and Roseville Community Schools goes back to Rep. John Chirkun,” she said. “I work with him regularly in Lansing, so when I knew I had some funds to disperse into the community, I went to Rep. Chirkun, and he is a great champion for Macomb County and Roseville Community Schools, so he suggested them.”

Chirkun remarked that he was just glad to play a role in helping some students.

“We have a scholarship foundation in the district that raises money that this will benefit,” said Chirkun. “I’m just happy we’ll be able to help some kids go to college; that’s the bottom line.”

The recipients of the scholarships that will result from this donation are chosen by a selection committee organized by the Roseville Community Schools Scholarship Foundation.

“Students fill out applications … and get recommendations from teachers … and we have a selection committee that looks at the applications and picks out the scholarships,” Clulo said. “They look at grades, community involvement, sports and so forth.”

She said the recipients will be announced in the spring.

“In March, we have a dance, which is our big fundraiser, and our selected students will be announced there. It’s a fundraiser event for the entire community,” Clulo said. “We hope the community sees what a difference donations like this can make in the lives of a student.”

Doughty said she was glad to see the Roseville community benefit from the donation, saying it’s rare to see people from a community of its size so close with one another.

“Roseville is a very tightknit community even though it’s the big city,” she said. “You can feel it, and you can see it today. Look at all the people who showed up today: They had their foundation, their board, members of the City Council and Rep. Chirkun. Even though it’s a big community, they really care about each other, and we love helping a community like that.”

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