Roseville library sets plans for Craftstravaganza

By: Kevin Bunch | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published January 22, 2014

 Participants turn old books into planters during a Roseville Public Library craft project in June 2013.

Participants turn old books into planters during a Roseville Public Library craft project in June 2013.

Photo courtesy of the Roseville Public Library


ROSEVILLE — Local teenagers will get the chance to try their hands at a number of crafts Feb. 3 as the Roseville Public Library hosts its first Craftstravaganza.

Adult Services Librarian Jenny St. Onge said the 90-minute program is going to feature four stations, each with a different kind of craft: a no-knit scarf, an embellished bookmark, a glittery pendant, and a personalized notepad and diary combo.

“You sign up for the program, and we’ll have different stations, and kids (and teens) can make something in each station,” St. Onge said. “We’ll have refreshments, and there should be some music, as well.”

Registration is available only in advance, St. Onge said, and can be done at the library itself, by phone or on the library’s website, She said registration would close Jan. 31 and that a total of 20 slots were available for kids ages 11-16.

The original idea for the program came from the library director, Jackie Harvey, who turned up the scarf craft idea and asked for additional ideas, St. Onge said.

“We are always trying to find teen programs to get more teens and tweens into the library,” Harvey said. “I am not a crafty person, and I’m not a very artistic person, but I decided to make it a team effort. I came up with a couple ideas for a craft for after school to get kids into the library, and I asked Jenny to help because she is very crafty, and we are going to do this as a team.”

St. Onge said the bookmark and pendant are projects she has done for craft programs in the past, and she has used them for gifts. The notepad project is something new that she said she recently found on the website Pinterest, which St. Onge said she uses regularly to come up with craft ideas.

St. Onge said the no-knit scarf uses a particular type of yarn that can be “knitted” using the creator’s arms and will include a demonstration so people can learn how to do it.

“It can be done very quickly, so it’s a great gift idea,” she said.

“You may find us tied up in the corner in our own yarn because I’m not very crafty, but the kids should like it,” Harvey added.

The bookmark project uses a variety of household items — such as paperclips — to personalize one, St. Onge said, and the notepad is like a small portfolio that is personalized in a similar manner. The pendant project involves dipping a glass marble into glitter and attaching it to a chain, she said.

“Any craft we have, people can personalize however they see fit,” St. Onge said. “So it’s up to them what they make.”

As of Jan. 13, only two people had signed up for the Craftstravaganza, but St. Onge said she expected it would have a full house by the deadline.

“Craft programs are usually pretty popular,” she said. “It seems like people are really interested in crafting lately. Teens, especially, seem interested in making things, especially personalized to their own taste, so usually there’s a pretty good turnout.”

Harvey said the craft program is geared toward girls, albeit not exclusively. She added that the staff is currently brainstorming for activity ideas that could get more boys into the library.

The Craftstravaganza will take place in the library’s Erin Auditorium at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 3. For more information or to register, call the library at (586) 445-5407.