Roseville library hopes to lure men with beer-brewing program

By: Kevin Bunch | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published February 18, 2014


ROSEVILLE — Aficionados of ales and lagers should take note: an opportunity to learn all about brewing is coming March 3.

The Roseville Public Library is hosting Mark Larson, co-founder of the Warren-based Falling Down Beer Company, and assistant brewer Eric Stephenson for a presentation about their company and the finer points of beer-making.

Librarian Jenny St. Onge said the program came about when the library staff was trying to come up with programs that would appeal to men and get them to come to their facility.

“We usually have a lot of things for kids and teens, and we get good turnout with women, but it’s hard to get men into the library,” St. Onge said. “Craft beer — I figured that’s a good way to get guys in, because every guy I’ve talked to said it sounds pretty cool.”

Talking to coworkers, friends and other men, St. Onge said there seemed to be a growing interest in craft breweries, as well as people interested in making their own beer. Michigan has a strong craft-brewing trend, she said, and as such, the timing seemed ripe for hosting a program about it.

She said she sought out the people at the Falling Down Beer Company owing to the business being both local and highly rated online, and they quickly responded saying they would be interested in running the program.

“We will probably do a bit of a three-part presentation: a bit about home brewing and how people can get started at home, the differences between craft brewing and home brewing, and then a bit about here,” Stephenson said.

He said the brewery opened March 29 last year but that he and Larson had gotten started as home brewers about five to seven years ago. They specialize in ales as opposed to lagers, which are the focus of larger commercial breweries.

As a craft brewery, Stephenson said they have smaller production runs done largely by hand, with “Ninja Chicken” and “Rye My Donkey” being two of their current products.

St. Onge said that the library is not able to provide any beer tasting during the program, but she believed that attendees should still find it interesting.

“They seem to have a presentation already set up for the basics of home brewing, and they have a good story,” St. Onge said. “I don’t personally know a ton about beer, myself, so had to read up on it and talk to people I know, but they’ve been really great to work with.”

The “Drink Local: The Falling Down Beer Company” program is set for 6:30 p.m. March 3 at the library’s Erin Auditorium. No registration is necessary to attend, and it is free to the public. For more information, call the library at (586) 445-5407.