Roseville High School adds new Advanced Placement courses for fall

By: Bria Brown | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published March 7, 2017


ROSEVILLE — Roseville High School announced Feb. 23 that new Advanced Placement courses will be provided along with existing courses in the fall.

Roseville Community Schools Director of Curriculum Dave Rice said that Patrick Adams, the Roseville High School principal, was the driving force behind the school adding a variety of AP courses.

“We’ve always had AP courses at the high school, and we’ve had quite a few of them at the high school level. The principal took a closer look at what we were offering, and he determined that we needed to offer more AP courses,” said Rice.

New AP courses will include AP Calculus, AP Human Geography, AP Psychology, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics and AP World History.

Rice explained why adding the courses is important for students.

“Along with adding these courses, we’ve allowed some of these courses to be taken at a ninth- and 10th-grade level. Normally it was just 11th- and 12th-graders, but by letting a course or two being offered in (the) ninth-grade and 10th-grade level, kids who are on an advanced track can begin to understand and stay on that track,” said Rice.

Adams and Rice spoke with Roseville Community Schools Superintendent John Kment about the courses that would be offered to the ninth- and 10th-graders.

“The one thing that we did want to stress is to make sure that they were across different areas of the curriculum. So we have some in science, we added a couple in math and some in social studies. We have them in all four core areas now,” said Rice.

Rice said that adding the new courses for the students shows them that the district believes in them and is preparing them for the next level of success. 

“I think it shows the students the amount of confidence we have in them,” he said. “We have a belief that more of our kids can be involved in these classes if the opportunity is there,” said Rice.

Adams explained why the expansion of Advanced Placement courses is vital. 

“One of the measures of an academically excellent school is how many advanced courses are offered. We wanted to make sure that we provided Advanced Placement courses for more of our students,” said Adams.

“We want to make sure Advanced Placement is regularly available for all students so they can be challenged and have the opportunity to earn college credit,” he added.

Adams recalled how he and an administrative team came together to make the proposed courses look “more attractive.”

“When I came on board in October, an administrative team got together and we talked about our offerings, and we talked about what are the things we can do to improve the academic rigor in our building. We wanted to expand the opportunity for kids and to raise the level of awareness that scholarship is a good thing, and we wanted to make that attractive,” said Adams.  

“We looked at what other schools do, we looked at what the top 50 schools in the state of Michigan that are ranked, what they do and what they offer, and we tried to model ourselves after those exemplary schools because we want to be in the top 50,” he said. 

A press release goes into further detail about the courses.

“AP Calculus is roughly equivalent to a first-semester college calculus course, covering concepts and skills of limits, derivatives, definite integrals and the fundamental theorem of calculus. AP Human Geography will allow students to learn about the systematic study of patterns and processes that have shaped human understanding, use and alteration of the Earth’s surface. In AP Psychology, students will explore the concepts, theories, perspectives, phenomena and behaviors associated with the subfields and research areas, while analyzing the methods psychologists use to study various types of behavior and mental processes,” the release states.

“In AP Environmental Science, students will participate in hands-on, laboratory and field investigations to apply scientific principles, concepts and methodologies in order to better understand our natural systems and to critically think about environmental issues and potential solutions. AP Physics will be offered for students to explore concepts such as kinematics, Newton’s laws of motion, systems of particles and linear momentum, circular motion and rotation, oscillations, and gravitation. AP World History takes students through the early culture of the Asian, African, Muslim and European worlds, while examining and analyzing the impact of demographic, technological, environmental, political and economic changes on people. In addition to the new courses, AP U.S. History and AP Government, which were offered on an every-other-year basis, will now be offered yearly,” states the release.