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 Roseville City Clerk Richard Steenland, center, congratulates Brian Kanigowski, right, on being named the new chief of the Roseville Fire Department as retiring chief Mike Holland, left, looks on.

Roseville City Clerk Richard Steenland, center, congratulates Brian Kanigowski, right, on being named the new chief of the Roseville Fire Department as retiring chief Mike Holland, left, looks on.

Photo by Brendan Losinski

Roseville fire chief retires, new chief sworn in

By: Brendan Losinski | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published July 2, 2020






ROSEVILLE — The city of Roseville bid farewell to Fire Chief Mike Holland and celebrated the promotion of his successor, Brian Kanigowski, at the regular City Council meeting June 23.

Holland began with the department in 1994 and was promoted to chief in 2013. Those in attendance spoke highly of the retiring chief.

“Chief Holland is an outstanding chief and he has some big shoes to fill,” Kanigowski remarked. “He is fiscally responsible, he has taught me a lot about budgeting, he’s very educated in fire services and he adores the citizens of Roseville.”

Holland said he is most proud of the improvements he was able to help bring to the department during his tenure.

“I’m incredibly proud to say that when I started with the Roseville Fire Department, our ISO rating was a six,” he said. “Our ISO rating is now a two, which is in the top 1% in the state of Michigan and the top 2% in the United States of America. I am happy to say I was one of the people that was involved in making that happen.”

He added that he was able to help the department meet several goals and milestones as the head of the department.

“We purchased several new vehicles as well as implemented some new hydrant maintenance programs, implemented a new training program, implemented a new EMS program, which assisted us in (receiving) our Mission: Lifeline awards,” said Holland. “We changed many of our pumps and our tanks so we had more water to put on a fire. We also became a fire department that meets the (National Fire Protection Association) 1710 standard, which means we are able to put 15 people on a fire between three and four minutes, which is an incredible standard to meet and very few fire departments in the nation are able to do so.”

Holland said he will be continuing to live in Roseville for at least a year, but added that he’s happy to know that the future is open to different possibilities.

“I have several bat houses and bird houses I’m going to be building. I’m pretty excited to have more time to do that. Right now, I have no plan to start a new job or career. I absolutely loved my job here in Roseville, and if I was going to continue to work, I would do it right here. This is a great community with some fantastic and outstanding citizens, and it has been my honor and privilege to take care of them for this time period.”

Holland hailed Kanigowski as a worthy successor and stated that he has the highest confidence in him.

“The mayor has made a wonderful choice on the new fire chief. I think he’s going to do a fantastic job. I’ve worked with Brian Kanigowski since about a year and a half after I joined the Fire Department. We worked on the ambulance and fire truck together. He was our first fire prevention officer in Roseville as well as the fire marshal, and I know he will do a great job for the residents of Roseville. I am excited for what he will be able to accomplish.”

Kanigowski is a veteran of the Roseville Fire Department with more than 24 years of experience.

“I started with the city of Roseville in 1996,” he explained. “I worked up the ranks from firefighter/paramedic to sergeant in 2015. I became the fire marshal in 2017.”

Kanigowski said he wants to continue to pursue many of the priorities the department had under Holland.

“Our priorities will always include being fiscally responsible. The biggest thing is making sure the citizens are served,” Kanigowski said. “I want to work with the council and work with the mayor. I will work with our command staff and work together to bring the best resources to our citizens.”

Fire Prevention Officer William Ciner will take over as fire marshal for Kanigowski. Kanigowski spoke to several residents of Roseville following the City Council meeting to assure them he is someone they can depend on.

“The citizens of Roseville can count on me,” he said. “I am doing what I can to serve you and make sure you have the best Fire Department possible and the most support for that department possible.”

Holland and Kanigowski agreed that success in Roseville isn’t possible without the support members of the community have given the department.

“A good leader will tell you all the time that it isn’t me, it’s us. There’s no way one person could ever do everything we accomplished,” Holland said. “There is a fine group of officers here and a supportive community and great elected officials all working together as a team to make that happen.”