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 Attorney Vincenzo Manzella, left, and his client, Allison Weaver, center, listen as 52-3 District Court Judge Nancy Carniak adds a fourth charge during an Oct. 29 preliminary exam, before sending the case to Oakland County Circuit Court.

Attorney Vincenzo Manzella, left, and his client, Allison Weaver, center, listen as 52-3 District Court Judge Nancy Carniak adds a fourth charge during an Oct. 29 preliminary exam, before sending the case to Oakland County Circuit Court.

Photo by Mary Beth Almond

Rochester Hills woman accused of biting off friend’s ear said she was wolf, friend was vampire

Judge adds fourth charge, assault by strangulation, before moving case to Circuit Court

By: Mary Beth Almond | Rochester Post | Published November 20, 2019


ROCHESTER HILLS — A 48-year-old Rochester Hills woman has been bound over to Oakland County Circuit Court on multiple charges after allegedly pretending to be a wolf and attacking a sleeping friend who refused her sexual advances.

Following a preliminary exam Oct. 29 before 52-3 District Court Judge Nancy Carniak, Allison Thompson Weaver faces charges of second-degree criminal sexual conduct, assault with intent to do great bodily harm, assault with intent to maim and a new, fourth charge — assault by strangulation — which was added after the victim and police testified during the preliminary examination.

The incident, according to deputies from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office’s Rochester Hills substation, took place at the Lake Village Apartments complex, in the 2300 block of Norfolk Drive, Sept. 17.

A resident called police at 1:30 a.m. and said he could hear two women fighting and that one person was moaning and calling for help.  

When deputies arrived, they heard a woman crying for help, and they entered the apartment through an unlocked door.

Shawn Hopkins, a deputy with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office’s Rochester Hills substation, recalled the bloody scene as he provided testimony in court Oct. 29.

Hopkins said he found two women — one completely nude and the other, who he later identified as Weaver, nude except for a pair of underwear — both covered in blood lying on the bedroom floor.

Weaver, he testified, was on her knees hovering over another woman — a 44-year-old Rochester Hills resident — and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or unknown drugs.

“She seemed to be in a happy-type mood, like she was having a good time,” Hopkins said, describing Weaver. “(The victim) was very quiet and almost appeared like she may have been in shock.”

When Hopkins asked what was going on, Weaver gave him an unusual response.

“I asked what was going on, and Ms. Weaver told me that they were having consensual sex and that (the victim) was a vampire and that she, Ms. Weaver, was a wolf,” he said.

Hopkins said the victim had numerous bite marks on her face and several facial injuries.

“She appeared to be covered in blood. I noticed a large wound to the side of her left eye area and cheek, and I also noticed that the outer edge of her left ear appeared to be missing,” Hopkins said.

When he questioned Weaver, Weaver said that she did not bite the victim and that the blood found on her, on the victim and in the apartment was not real blood.

“When speaking to (the victim) after Ms. Weaver had said it was consensual sex — I asked (the victim) if this was consensual sex, and she said no,” Hopkins testified. “Based on the injuries, the blood  — we weren’t sure exactly what we had at that point. So she was taken into custody and removed from the room to protect anything further (from) happening.”

The victim testified that she and Weaver met when their daughters were 6 years old and became friends. The daughters, she said, are now 18. The victim said she invited the former friend over to her apartment for drinks after reconnecting via Facebook. She said Weaver brought two pouches of pre-mixed rum and an opened bottle of vodka with her.

The victim testified that Weaver made sexual advances toward her, which she refused, and then went to bed.

“At some point during the night, I got tired, and at some point, something about her was annoying me and I wanted to go to bed. I was like, ‘Just leave me alone, I’m going to bed,’ and I remember walking to bed and going to bed and falling asleep,” the victim said.

The victim testified that she woke up later to find that her clothing had been removed by Weaver, who was completely naked and strangling and biting her, telling her that she was going to kill her.  

“(I remember) being startled by something on my bed and jumping off my bed and seeing Allison on all fours on my bed and … giving me a really scary look,” the victim said. “She just kept giving me this look, with her head going back and forth. I was, like, ‘What are you doing?’ And she just lunged at me and she started strangling me.”

The victim said she briefly lost consciousness.

“I can still feel every single moment of it. The pain of it, losing consciousness, not being able to breathe, how badly it hurt — everything. The bruising of it was there forever. My neck was so swollen my chin could not meet my chest,” she testified.

“I lost some kind of consciousness during this. … I only remember a couple of things — I remember her strangling me. The next thing I remember is trying to get away and hearing her, as clear as day, with no (inflection) in her tone, just saying, ‘Sorry ... but you’re gonna have to die today,’” she continued. “I just started screaming bloody murder and banging on the floor, (saying), ‘No, no, no. I can’t believe I’m going to die like this. Someone come and please help, help, help.’”

Hopkins said paramedics from the Rochester Hills Fire Department provided medical care to the victim, who was bleeding heavily from her left orbital area and ear. Once she was stabilized, she was transported to a hospital for further medical attention.  

Weaver was also taken to a hospital, to detox and undergo a medical evaluation, and she later was lodged at the Oakland County Jail. Unknown drugs and alcohol were recovered at the scene.

Weaver’s attorney, Vincenzo Manzella, entered a plea of not guilty on his client’s behalf. Manzella said he had no additional comments at press time.

At press time, Weaver was scheduled to appear in court for a pretrial examination Dec. 17 and for her trial Feb. 18 before Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Nanci Grant.