Restaurants offer chance to support Troy schools

By: Brendan Losinski | Troy Times | Published November 12, 2021

 Local restaurants such as Clean Eatz Troy, pictured, are participating in the Step up to the Plate program, which gives discounts to customers and allows local schools the chance to earn $1,000.

Local restaurants such as Clean Eatz Troy, pictured, are participating in the Step up to the Plate program, which gives discounts to customers and allows local schools the chance to earn $1,000.

Photo provided by Katherine Knotts


TROY — Several local restaurants are ‘stepping up to the plate’ through an annual program giving customers the chance to support schools in the Troy School District.

The Step up to the Plate program will run Nov. 15-19, and organizers say it is a big win for both local restaurants and schools.

“We are very grateful for our partnership with the Troy Chamber and the support from our community through Step Up to the Plate,” said Richard Machesky, the superintendent for the Troy School District. “This program is a win for everyone. Families get to enjoy a nice meal out, and our schools get the benefit of funding for extras to the curriculum that our budgets don’t always allow.”

The program grants customers a discount on meals. Additionally, if the customers bring their receipts into a local school, the receipts are added up at the end of the competition, and the school with the most receipts gets $1,000.

“Anything off our cafe menu, they get 20% off Nov. 15-19,” said Katherine Knotts, the general manager of Clean Eatz Troy, one of the participating restaurants. “They just have to bring in the flyer.”

“That week you, as a customer, get 20% off, and the parents can give us the receipts and the school with the most receipts wins $1,000 cash,” added Michelle Barsh, the principal of Martell Elementary School. “The money comes from the Troy Chamber of Commerce.”

The participating restaurants include:

• Aldana’s Mexican Bar and Grill, 2896 W. Maple Road.

• Beyond Juicery + Eatery, 830 E. Big Beaver Road.

• Clean Eatz Troy, 319 E. Big Beaver Road.

• McVee’s Pub & Grub, 1129 E. Long Lake Road.

• The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill, 708 W. Big Beaver Road, Suite 6.

• Mr. Kabob Xpress, 2036 W. Big Beaver Road;

• Shield’s Restaurant Bar Pizzeria, 1476 W. Maple Road.

• Tropical Smoothie Café Clawson, 1569 N. Main Street, Suite A.

• Tropical Smoothie Café Troy, 1735 E. Big Beaver Road, Suite D.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to unite our community. Parents and staff can support businesses locally and also compete to bring some money to their school,” said Barsh. “It’s a wonderful way to have yet another opportunity to collaborate with our community and schools together. It’s an awesome way to compete for a cash prize for one of our schools.”

Customers just have to bring in a flyer for Step up to the Plate to get the discount.

“The schools will be putting these flyers out on their websites and emailing them to families,” explained Barsh. “They also are available on the Troy Chamber of Commerce’s website,”

Several of the participating restaurants have expressed their enthusiasm for Step up to the Plate.

“Anything that has to do with schools is a great program,” said Knotts. “We are involved in the community through programs like Bras for a Cause, but helping with kids in the schools is something we love to contribute to. I am a mom myself, so I know how much of a difference programs like this can make. We have several people working here who go to the high schools in Troy, so we know it makes a difference.”

Maria Cristina Aldana, the co-owner of Aldana’s Mexican Bar and Grill, said it’s a great resource for supporting different aspects of the Troy community.

“We love to help the community, and I know that the community has supported our business, so this is a way to give back to them,” said Aldana. “This is a way to sort of help everybody in the community.”

Martell Elementary School has won in past years, and Barsh said that if they win again this year, the money will once again be put to good use.

“We would be doing two things if we win,” she remarked. “We would be saving for a future long-term building project and some we’re using for projects throughout the school year. … It’s an awesome opportunity even if your school doesn’t win,” she said. “It’s still a great way to support local schools and local businesses.”