‘Put yourself in Greater hands’ at Greater Shores Primary Care

In-Focus | Published May 30, 2023

 Dr. Amine Amine

Dr. Amine Amine


ST. CLAIR SHORES — It’s the doctor’s job to know what makes us well and keeps us that way, but the relationships between practitioners and patients are a critical piece of the puzzle of well-being.

At Greater Shores Primary Care, Dr. Amine Amine practices a patient-centered approach as the cornerstone of his philosophy of care. By always listening to patients, and by fostering a safe and supportive environment where they always feel genuinely heard and understood, his compassionate and empathetic nature establishes the kind of strong doctor-patient relationship that enables open communication and collaborative decision-making. “My goal is to ensure that my patients receive well-rounded care that addresses their physical, mental and emotional well-being,” Dr. Amine said. “My staff and I treat our patients like our own family members.”

Dr. Amine’s approach to preventative care and the promotion of good health resonates with patients seeking proactive measures to achieve and maintain optimal health. The doctor’s unwavering dedication to continuity of care provides patients with the reassurance of consistent, personalized attention throughout their health care journey.

This environment where coordination and collaboration flourish ensures that each patient receives care that is properly integrated with that of other providers and specialists.  Patients choose Dr. Amine for this patient-centered and comprehensive approach, preventive focus, continuity of care and collaborative emphasis, all of which contribute to an exceptional health care experience. He values individual needs and the preference of each patient, actively involving them in decision-making processes and tailoring treatment plans to align with their individual goals, objectives and values. His holistic approach to care recognizes that optimal health encompasses not only physical well-being but also mental and emotional wellness. Preventative care, health promotion, regular checkups and screenings, and personalized lifestyle counseling empower Greater Shores Primary Care patients to take charge of their own health.

Dr. Amine is board certified in internal medicine and specializes in primary care, preventative care, health maintenance, weight loss and chronic care management.

Greater Shores Primary Care offers yearly adult physical exams, laboratory blood draws, intravenous nutritional therapy, weight loss counseling and intervention, vaccinations, STD screenings, same day visits and more, in an office where the doctor, trained medical assistants and a nurse manager combine to provide wonderful care for every patient.

Greater Shores Primary Care is located at 22631 Greater Mack Avenue, Suite 100, in St. Clair Shores.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, call 586-800-0086.