Police offer summer crime prevention tips

By: Sherri Kolade | West Bloomfield Beacon | Published July 9, 2013

 Officer Joe Brusseau patrols a parking lot in the Civic Center complex July 2.

Officer Joe Brusseau patrols a parking lot in the Civic Center complex July 2.

Photo by Donna Agusti


WEST BLOOMFIELD — If you don’t want it stolen, don’t leave it in your car.

That advice will protect you from unnecessary headache and keep your vehicle protected from larcenies, West Bloomfield Police Department Crime Prevention Officer Rick Trabulsy said recently.

“People are always leaving stuff in their cars,” he said. “Crime can be eliminated if we take a little bit of time to protect our goods. I don’t care what community you live in.”

Trabulsy, along with West Bloomfield police Lt. Tim Diamond, gave tips on how to avoid summertime vehicle larceny, which includes keeping parked vehicles in well-lit areas, keeping valuables out of sight and keeping the vehicle locked.

“People shop at night,” Trabulsy said. “(They) shop in the neighborhoods. People walk your neighborhoods, and every little thing you do can be a deterrent.”

Diamond said vehicle larcenies are often high during the summer because young people are out of school and the weather is warmer.

“More people are out and about at night,” he said. “Kids are out later, and, typically, those types of crimes are perpetrated by young people.”

He said usually the vehicle larcenies are perpetrated on foot, and the suspect goes driveway-to-driveway taking valuables.

He suggests that residents use outdoor lighting around their property, and if possible, park vehicles in the garage with the door closed and locked.

“Those are important things,” Diamond said. “We ask people to take these steps (to) make it more difficult (for thieves).”

He added that GPS units, stereo equipment, tools and money are stolen the most from vehicles — guns, too.

“It is an easy crime to commit,” he said.

According to the Police Department’s vehicle larceny statistics, 241 vehicle larcenies occurred in the township in 2011. There were 171 larcenies in 2012 and 77 in 2013.

Trabulsy said that although staving off a vehicle larceny is never 100 percent guaranteed, it is important to at least make a serious effort.

“Larceny from an auto is a huge crime because it is relatively easy,” he said. “Don’t leave any telltale signs that you have something of value. (You) don’t know what one particular criminal is going to take.”

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