Police: Student made up abduction attempt story

By: Nick Mordowanec | C&G Newspapers | Published March 9, 2016


CLINTON TOWNSHIP — After nearly two weeks of investigating, Clinton Township police declared that an abduction attempt from the morning of March 9 involving a Clintondale Middle School student never actually happened.

On March 21, the department released a press release stating, “Clinton Township police thoroughly investigated this incident, and the student has confessed that she made the story up. The reason for the false report was that the student was having issues with being tardy to school.”

The student, 13, reported that as she walked to the middle school a man offered her a ride, and when she refused, he got out of his vehicle and grabbed the girl’s arm. She said she was able to escape, leaving her backpack behind. The school’s principal later found the backpack on Danbury Street.

Clinton Township Capt. Richard Maierle said the girl confessed to police that the entire story was fiction on March 18.

“We extensively investigated this and we were working this very hard,” Maierle said. “A couple things just weren’t adding up. Our guys told the girl to come clean.”

Rather than being charged with falsifying a police report, Maierle said school administrators and the student’s parents will hand down her punishment. He said taking police out of the equation probably convinced the student to fess up on her lie.

“We want to let the school handle it, let the parents handle it,” Maierle said.

If police did charge the girl, she would have faced possible consequences through juvenile court.