Planning Commission OKs five-story hotel off of Big Beaver Road

By: Terry Oparka | Troy Times | Published June 5, 2019


TROY — After a developer upgraded the exterior building material for a five-story extended-stay hotel proposed for the Rochester and Big Beaver roads area, the Troy Planning Commission said the plans are good to go.

The Planning Commission voted 7-2 to approve a special land use and preliminary site plan for the 123-room Marriott Springhill Suites at its May 14 meeting.

The previous plan featured on exterior insulation and finish system, known as EIFS, described as synthetic stucco.

Planning Commissioners Michael Hutson and Sadek Rahman opposed the special land use and preliminary site plan.

“I don’t find it compatible at all,” Hutson said. “It’s too much, in my opinion. It’s a difficult insertion. I think it’s inappropriate.”

The primary building materials in the new plans feature brick, precast and cultured stone, and aluminum panels.

After considering the plans at its March 12 meeting, the Planning Commission postponed the matter and asked the applicant to address items including architecture and building materials.

A special land use is needed for hotels in order for the Planning Commission to review the requests on a case-by-case basis. The majority of the parcel is in the Big Beaver form-based zoning district, designed to promote high density, vertical integration, and mixed uses of residential, office and commercial developments.

A special land use is also needed for a parking lot to be constructed on a narrow strip of land adjacent to Interstate 75, which is in the general business zoning district.

A commercial/industrial center, which will be demolished, currently sits on the 1.77-acre site.

“I think it fits with the context of the area, although it’s taller,” said  Planning Commission Chair Carlton Faison.

“This site does contemplate more of a height than one or two stories,” Planning Director R. Brent Savidant said to the Planning Commission. “This could be an apartment building by right.”

Andrew Andre, representing the developer, Jimmy Asmar, told the Planning Commission that the hospitality industry is experiencing an uptick.

“This is a gateway location to the southern part of the city,” he said. “Contextually, it fits very well with this area. We’re very excited about this opportunity.”