Planning Commission approves site plan for new Hydro Pros location

By: Kara Szymanski | Shelby - Utica News | Published August 13, 2018

 Hydroponic gardening store Hydro Pros plans to move to this location at 44800 Van Dyke Ave. in Utica.

Hydroponic gardening store Hydro Pros plans to move to this location at 44800 Van Dyke Ave. in Utica.

Photo by Kara Szymanski


UTICA — Utica’s Planning Commission Aug. 8 approved the site plan for Hydro Pros’ new location in Utica.

Hydro Pros is currently located in Utica and will be moving to a new location that it purchased on Van Dyke Avenue.

Hydro Pros will be moving to 44800 Van Dyke Ave. — the old King Speed & Kolor Automotive location — from down the road at 45410 Van Dyke Ave.

City planners thought the site plan was laid out well, but they gave the business a few recommendations, such as adding flower containers to the building to add to the white wall of the building’s exterior, and redoing the parking lot.

“I am so happy for Hydro Pros that they are successful and expanding. We should all be thankful that they are turning a building that was quickly becoming blighted into something that will be beautiful, and an asset to Utica,” stated Brad O’Donnell, a Planning Commission member, in an email.

“Utica should see this as (an) opportunity to grow that entire area, Van Dyke south of Hall Road. Ever since M-59 was expanded and cut off the area from the rest of downtown, the area has stagnated. Hydro Pros is moving in, the restaurant down the road will soon open, so now is the time to make some changes to the law to reinvigorate the area,” stated O’Donnell.

Hydro Pros is a garden center and store specializing in hydroponic indoor gardening.

The store plans on adding new lighting to the building and redoing the parking lot, in addition to other projects. The store will have three signs.

The business will keep the same hours of 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mondays through Sundays. Hydro Pros currently has eight employees and plans to hire 10 more.

“As this is an existing business in Utica, it’s nice to see them expanding to a much larger space and one that has been vacant for over a year with a very outdated façade.

“The property improvement will be a welcome addition to the surrounding residential homes and business area, from what was an eyesore in the community,” said Beth Ricketts, the Utica city clerk.

At the meeting, Brandon Dabish shared why Hydro Pros wanted to continue being located in Utica and what it has been like working with the Utica community.

“We continue to be successful in Utica; that’s why we continue to work with them,” said Dabish.

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