Park buildings now available for rental in Madison Heights

By: Andy Kozlowski | Madison - Park News | Published February 8, 2021

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MADISON HEIGHTS — Birthday parties, grad parties, family gatherings, retirements and more can now be hosted at the two park buildings in Madison Heights, following a vote by the City Council to make them available for rental.

The decision was made at the Jan. 25 council meeting. At the same meeting the council raised the RV lot fees from $120 a year to $250 a year, reasoning that the original fee had been underpriced for years given maintenance costs and that the new rate is still more affordable than local alternatives. Approval was unanimous.

Madison Heights City Councilman Mark Bliss suggested making the two park buildings available to rent. The buildings include the concession stand at Rosie’s Park and the shelter building at Civic Center Park. Both feature outdoor murals by local artist Jennifer Ramirez that span all four walls of each building.

The cost to rent a park building for two hours is $50 for residents and $100 for nonresidents, with a $100 refundable damage and cleaning deposit. Pavilions can also be rented at the same rate, but with a $50 deposit. The cancellation fee is $10 with a one-week notice.  

To apply for a rental, visit or call the Department of Public Services at (248) 589-2294.

“Some groups have utilized them for events through the years, but now any of our citizens can leverage them for their own parties in our parks,” Bliss said in an email. “I first brought the idea up a few years ago, and renewed my call for it at our council meeting in December.

“Originally it came up because I was walking at Civic Center Park and had gotten into a conversation with a couple of residents who were attending a party at the pavilion, and they lamented that they couldn’t use the building or its indoor bathrooms. It didn’t make sense to me that they couldn’t either, and I started working with staff on it. The bathrooms were opened to all a couple years ago, but at the time we didn’t have the staff resources to manage those buildings being rented. Thankfully, that is no longer the case, and we can finally make these buildings available to rent.”

As for the RV lot fee increase, Corey Almas, the city’s director of public services, said that it was an overdue change.

“Since 2012, it has been the city’s initiative to establish a rental fee that is closer to the market value while maintaining a rate that is still a tremendous bargain for the residents when compared to storage lot fees in the surrounding communities,” Almas said via email. “The RV lot’s annual maintenance costs alone justify the increase, and in order for the city to preserve, maintain and eventually make improvements to the RV lot, the rental fee increase is certainly warranted.”

He noted that those who currently utilize the RV lot will be provided advance notification of the price increase in order to make necessary arrangements prior to the July 1 start date and that anyone with questions can contact the Department of Public Services.

Bliss said that he’s pleased the park buildings will now be put to extra use as rental spaces, especially given all of the work that went into transforming their exteriors into lavish murals.

“It’s little changes like this that can really make a difference in people’s lives. For only a $50 rental fee, families can now use these buildings for their gatherings,” Bliss said. “As a parent who’s tried to find venues for a kid’s party, I can’t even begin to say how helpful this is, and given the investment that we (the Arts Board) have made to put beautiful murals on these buildings, I’m happy that they’ll be utilized more often now.”