Park approves truck part purchases

By: K. Michelle Moran | Grosse Pointe Times | Published April 8, 2013

GROSSE POINTE PARK — The city’s water board maintenance vehicle is about to get some needed repairs.

During a meeting March 25, the City Council unanimously approved a low bid from Detroit-based C.E. Pollard Company for $12,362 to replace the cranes, storage units and other equipment on the truck. Pollard submitted one of three bids for the equipment. City Manager Dale Krajniak said they’ve worked with Pollard before, and he recommended that officials accept the low bid.

“Each of these companies are well-qualified to do this work,” he added.

Shelby Township-based Cannon Truck Equipment was the second-lowest bidder at $12,619, with Roseville-based NBC Truck Equipment Inc. coming in as the highest with a bid of $18,564, according to a memo to the council.

Krajniak said this vehicle is used by the Public Service and Sewer departments for a variety of vital tasks, including water main and sewer repairs and fire hydrant replacement.

Members of the Public Service Department — two of whom are licensed mechanics — will actually be replacing the vehicle’s equipment, including the chassis, he said.

“When we get equipment, we usually wear (it) down to the bare bones,” Krajniak said, telling officials that city staffers are able to undertake most repairs themselves.

“(They) do a great job,” he continued. “They’re extremely qualified individuals.”

The Public Service Department also has licensed plumbers and electricians, he said.

Money for this purchase was already set aside. As City Council member Robert Denner pointed out — and Krajniak confirmed — funds for the equipment are “contained within the budget for this fiscal year.” Council approval cleared the way for the purchase, which was expected to be made soon.