Jamex Brewing Co. will build an outdoor patio after receiving approval from the City Council April 15.

Jamex Brewing Co. will build an outdoor patio after receiving approval from the City Council April 15.

Photo by Kristyne E. Demske

Outdoor seating coming to St. Clair Shores brewery

By: Kristyne E. Demske | St. Clair Shores Sentinel | Published April 22, 2019


ST. CLAIR SHORES — When the summer sun shines, many people want to be outdoors, and that’s a trend that local business owners are capitalizing on when planning outdoor patios.

Jamex Brewing Co., 21721 Harper Ave., was the latest business to come to the City Council to request outdoor seating, joining other local eateries and breweries in St. Clair Shores that allow patrons to enjoy the sunshine and their beverages at the same time.

“We have a patch of grass that is 16-by-25 feet right now in front, and we have the parking lot to the side. ... We wanted to take that grassy area and turn that into an outdoor seating patio,” said Katrin Kaye, one of the proprietors of Jamex Brewing Co., at the April 15 City Council meeting.

The owners plan to install cement columns every 6 feet around three sides of the perimeter of the area, with the area then enclosed with a wall. Mimicking the interior of the brewery, there will be a bar running along the inside of the 4-foot wall so patrons can sit or stand and enjoy their beverages on the patio.

Kaye said that they also plan to put plants on top of the wall to give the area a “garden-like feel ... make people enjoy going outside to drink.”

There will be 1 foot of space left between the eastern wall of the patio and the public sidewalk.

City Council members were supportive of the plan.

“I think that will help you guys pop, especially the idea to put the landscaping around the top,” said Councilman Chris Vitale.

The outside of the wall will be finished with cement board siding.

Because of the brewery’s large parking lot, Kaye said that the food trucks that have parked in the area for patrons will instead be parked in the lot. She said that they plan to begin work as soon as they can so that they can take advantage of the summer season.

“You have the best piece of property on Harper to put something out front without it encroaching,” Councilman Ron Frederick said.

The City Council approved the outdoor seating area 6-0.