Oakland County to charge $30 fee on expired dog tags after June 1

By: Terry Oparka | Troy Times | Published May 25, 2011


OAKLAND COUNTY — It will cost an extra $30 for Troy, Ferndale and Clawson residents to purchase a dog license from Oakland County after the June 1 deadline.

Dogs 4 months of age and older are required to have a license by state law.

The cities of Troy, Clawson and Ferndale no longer handle animal control services or dog licenses, they transferred these services to Oakland County this past spring to cut costs.

However, if a dog license issued by those municipalities has not expired yet, a new license from the county is not needed until it does.

License fees are as follows: $7.50 for a spayed/neutered dog and $15 for an unaltered dog, not including the $30 late fee incurred for an expired license renewed after June 1. Senior citizens may receive a 25 percent discount on unexpired licenses purchased before the deadline.

A valid rabies vaccination is needed to purchase a dog license.

“We will honor tags that are valid,” said Joanie Toole, Oakland Animal Control supervisor.

Dog licenses are issued for different durations, based on how long the rabies vaccine was effective, according to the Troy City Clerk’s Office.

However, licenses for recently acquired dogs, new residents and puppies that just turned 4 months old will not be assessed the $30 late fee after June 1.

The Oakland County Animal Control Division, rather than the city of Troy or Ferndale animal control officers, will conduct a dog census this year that is required by state law annually to ensure 70 percent of the dog population, a percentage determined by the World Health Organization, is vaccinated to prevent a rabies outbreak.

License applications are available at the Oakland Pet Adoption Center, 1700 Brown in Auburn Hills, or online at www.oakgov.com/petadoption. For information, call (248) 391-4100.