The Road Commission for Oakland County started its $2.8 million resurfacing project on 12 MIle Road June 1. Construction began between Greenfield Road and Ellwood Drive, which will remain closed until July 1.

The Road Commission for Oakland County started its $2.8 million resurfacing project on 12 MIle Road June 1. Construction began between Greenfield Road and Ellwood Drive, which will remain closed until July 1.

Photo by Deb Jacques

Oakland County begins 12 Mile Road resurfacing

By: Mike Koury | Woodward Talk | Published June 9, 2020


BERKLEY — On June 1, the Road Commission for Oakland County began a resurfacing project on 12 Mile Road that will stretch from Greenfield Road to Coolidge Highway.

The RCOC started its $2.8 million project by closing 12 Mile between Greenfield Road and Ellwood Drive. That section will remain closed until July 1.

The project is being conducted in two stages. The first stage will see the south half of 12 Mile resurfaced. Traffic in that time will be shifted onto the north half of the road. After the first stage is completed, the second stage will consist of resurfacing the north half of the road, with traffic shifted onto the south half.

Outside of the closure during the month of June, RCOC Public Information Officer Craig Bryson said that two-way traffic will be maintained during the project.

The 1.05 mile project also consists of milling and 3 inches of asphalt paving between Ellwood Drive and Coolidge Highway; the reconstruction of side-street approaches to 12 Mile Road; Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant pedestrian crosswalks; pedestrian-signal upgrades; new curbs and gutters; drainage improvements; and new signs and pavement markings.

Of the $2.8 million financing the project, 80% is funded with federal dollars. The remaining money is paid for by the RCOC, city of Berkley and Oakland County through the Tri-Party Program.

The projected completion date is scheduled for the fall. Bryson believes it probably could be close to or in November, but there isn’t a hard date.

“There’s a lot of variables that could impact that between now and then, the biggest of those being weather. So we’re just saying in the fall,” he said. “We would hope to have it in October, but it’s possible if we have a very wet season later in the year, it could be pushed back to November.”

Because construction will have an impact on traffic traveling through 12 Mile, businesses might have concerns that the work will impede customers trying to visit their establishments, which already has been an issue due to COVID-19.

Berkley Community Engagement Officer Torri Mathes said in an email that the city, Downtown Development Authority and Berkley Area Chamber of Commerce have been in contact with businesses and set up an eBlast alert for residents and business owners to get the latest updates on the project and updates about businesses and community partner activities happening on 12 Mile during construction. The eBlast can be found at

“Businesses can communicate any promos, store hours, or offerings they have by emailing our DDA Director, Jennifer Finney, and we make sure to add them within our communications, which are pushed out through all of our channels,” Mathes said.

“The DDA is also working on a robust marketing and events strategy to help support businesses during COVID and the 12 Mile construction,” she continued. “Starting in the month of June, we’ll be encouraging people to come into the downtown area to explore, walk, and support local businesses.”

As construction begins, Bryson noted, workers will be practicing social distancing throughout the project due to coronavirus concerns.

“Most of the actual construction work is done by our contractor (Pro-Line Asphalt), and we are requiring our contractor — and of course our contractor wants to do this too — we’re reminding them that they have to social distance and they can’t have people gathering or shouldn’t have people gathering in groups at the job site. If they need to be, they need to be at least 6 feet apart and make sure they meet those kinds of requirements.”

Bryson also asked the public not to approach either their staff or the contractor’s staff on-site during this time.

“If the public has questions or comments, we ask that they please contact us either by phone or through the website or via email,” he said. “We’d be happy to talk to them that way, but just for the safety of both the public and the workers on-site, we ask that they not have any direct contact with the staff on-site.”

Residents can contact the RCOC at (877) 858-4804 or by email at