Schools in Novi are closed Thursday, Dec. 2, after threats were made to several districts in Oakland County.

Schools in Novi are closed Thursday, Dec. 2, after threats were made to several districts in Oakland County.

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Schools in Novi close for several days after threats made to Oakland County Schools

By: Brian Wells | Novi Note | Published December 2, 2021 | Updated December 8, 2021 3:50pm


NOVI — On Nov. 30, a 15-year-old student at Oxford High School opened fire in the halls, killing four students and injuring several others, including one teacher.

In the wake of the shooting, schools across Oakland County received a wave of copycat threats, causing them to close for several days out of an abundance of caution.

During a press conference Dec. 2, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said officials expected the influx of threats made to schools and districts.

“We anticipated a flood of false threats,” Bouchard said. “I don’t know what is in people’s minds to think, after a real tragedy, it makes sense to make threats.”

Bouchard said many of the threats come from people who either think it’s funny or think it is a way out of school. Whether a threat is credible or not, it’s a crime that will be investigated and sent to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office, he said.

“If you’re making threats, we’re going to find you,” Bouchard said. “It is ridiculous you’re inflaming the fears and passion of parents, teachers and the community in the midst of a real tragedy.”

On Thursday, Dec. 2, the Novi Community School District posted on its social media pages that after consulting with the Novi Police Department, its buildings would be closed. Later that day, the district announced it would be closed the next day, as well. On Friday, the district posted that schools would remain closed the following Monday.

“The physical and emotional safety of our students and staff is our top priority,” the district said in a prepared statement.

The statement said the district would use the time to review and practice safety protocols, including continuing work on the district’s Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate, or ALICE, training, which is facilitated by the Novi Police Department. A district security team also began inspecting buildings for any safety concerns.

On the afternoon of Nov. 30, Novi Community School District Superintendent Steve Matthews sent a letter to staff and parents sharing the district’s response to the shooting.

“Each day we come to our schools and we expect to be safe. We work with our students and staff to know what to do in emergency situations like this,” Matthews said in the letter. “But the truth is, these situations scare us all.”

The district also shared resources to help support students and parents on its social media pages.

Detroit Catholic Central was closed Thursday and Friday, as well. Jake Marmul, director of admissions and public relations at Detroit Catholic Central, said he was not aware of any threats directed at the school.

Novi Police Lt. Jason Meier said Nov. 30 that there were no known direct threats to Novi schools. If threats arise, they will be investigated and brought to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office for review for any and all charges.

While the schools may have consulted with their school resource officers, the Novi Police Department doesn’t decide whether or not to close them, Meier said.

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