News & Notes - 7/27/23 Troy Times

Troy Times | Published July 28, 2023


Acclaimed photographer uses Somerset work as backdrop for latest project
Somerset Collection has signed Detroit-based and internationally renowned photographer Jenny Risher to photograph its “Construction Catwalk” campaign that coincides with the recently announced exterior makeover.

Risher’s work will highlight fashion amidst the backdrop of the work being done on the mall’s south rotunda area.

“Somerset Collection’s exterior makeover serves as the perfect backdrop for Risher to shoot the ‘Construction Catwalk’ fashion photography campaign that will be released through social media featuring models sporting global brands selected by the personal stylists,” Peter Van Dyke, of the VVK Agency, said in an email. “Guests can also see the campaign in action as they traverse Somerset Collection’s iconic skywalk.”

Risher, a College for Creative Studies professor and alumnus, is best known for her acclaimed books, “Heart Soul Detroit” and “DCYPHERED,” which features interviews and photographs of iconic Detroiters, including Iggy Pop, Smokey Robinson, Jack White, Lily Tomlin, Alice Cooper, Lee Iacocca and Eminem, and highlights the community’s hip-hop community, respectively.


Public warned to be on the lookout for fake QR codes
Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is raising awareness of a warning by the FBI that criminals are hijacking QR — or quick response — codes by placing stickers with codes they create over the top of the real QR code.

QR codes are a common convenience used by businesses, airlines, ticket vendors and others. This square barcode can be scanned by a smartphone’s camera to provide quick access to a website where you can learn about a product, share information, make a payment, prompt an application download, or get rewards and discounts.

When scanned, these fake malicious codes direct victims to phishing websites where their personal or financial information can be  stolen.

The codes themselves are not dangerous. It’s when they are used to steal or commit fraud that they become problematic. Malicious QR codes can take the scanner to a phishing website or be used to download malicious software such as malware, ransomware and trojans, which can spy on you, steal sensitive information or files, or even encrypt a device until the owner pays a ransom. They can also be programmed to open apps on the victim’s device. It could open financial apps, social media accounts and email accounts. It can compose and send messages to your contacts using your email or social media accounts.

   The FBI instructs consumers not to scan a code if it is on a sticker, looks like it has been replaced, or is covered up.  They also advise not to enter information into any site that doesn’t begin with “https.”

The Consumer Protection Team of the office of the Michigan Attorney General can be reached by calling (517) 335-7599.


Fishing line recycling effort to aid in Michigan conservation efforts
Thanks to the kindness of thousands of campers and boaters who gave an additional $2 when making their camping or boating reservation, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is rolling out fishing line recycling tubes this summer and fall.

Those taking advantage of Michigan’s numerous lakes and rivers for fishing will be able to find the recycling receptacles throughout the state where they can deposit their used or broken fishing lines.

With the help of Michigan Cares for Tourism volunteers who are building the tubes, the DNR is working to place them at every harbor, boating access site and fishing pier throughout the state’s parks and recreation system. These recycling tubes will help protect aquatic wildlife from the dangers of eating or getting tangled in fishing line and other fishing tackle. It also helps protect boat propellers.


Sterlingfest to offer mobility assistance
The July 27-29 Sterlingfest Art & Music Fair by Dodge Park and Utica roads will offer multiple amenities for people with mobility issues. Amenities including handicapped parking, shuttle buses and courtesy golf carts that will drop off and pick up attendees at stops throughout the vicinity of the festival grounds.

Find out more by visiting or by calling (586) 446-2489.