New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie speaks at fundraiser in Shelby

By: Sarah Wojcik | Shelby - Utica News | Published March 30, 2015


SHELBY TOWNSHIP — The Macomb County Republican Party invited New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to be the keynote speaker at its annual fundraiser — the Lincoln Dinner — on March 27.

Hundreds of Republicans and affiliates filled the Palazzo Grande Banquet Center’s dining hall to listen to the Republican governor. Christie bashed the current White House administration and highlighted what he believes a Republican president should focus on in 2016.

Congresswoman Candice Miller, R-Harrison Township, introduced Christie and praised his experience and blunt nature.

“America under Barack Obama has become a defensive, reactive and weaker country both at home and abroad,” he said. “It has created an enormous anxiety in the American people, along with the dysfunction that he had presided over in Washington, D.C., where he has set a tone where people don’t talk to each other anymore.”

Christie said the country needs a Republican leader who will reform the broken tax system; lower entitlements, which increasingly drain the federal budget; focus on a national energy policy, namely oil, to become an international provider; and increase national defense.

“Each and every one of these things that I’ve talked about is not only common sense, but it’s going to demand sacrifice from all of us,” he said. “None of this stuff comes easy, unless we want to continue to print money and borrow money indiscriminately.”

In a memo titled “Keep Christie Economics Out of Michigan,” which was sent out to reporters around the state and country, Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Lon Johnson railed against Christie’s visit to Macomb County.

Johnson said Christie’s “top-down” policies would benefit the wealthy and burden the middle class, holding back Michigan’s ability to grow.

He said that under Christie, New Jersey has ranked near last in job creation in the nation, has seen a record eight state credit downgrades, and has experienced drops in home values and household income rates.

“Christie was bad for New Jersey, and if he is given the opportunity, would be damaging for Michigan and for America,” Johnson wrote.