New clerk takes office

By: Thomas Franz | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published November 29, 2016

 Kristi Pozzi

Kristi Pozzi


MACOMB TOWNSHIP — New Macomb Township Clerk Kristi Pozzi officially began her role Nov. 21.

Without a challenge from a Democratic candidate, Pozzi’s victory in a three-person primary election Aug. 2 allowed her to cruise through the general election Nov. 8.

Pozzi, 44, previously worked as a medical program specialist for the Macomb County Circuit Court, and she has been a member of the Macomb Township Zoning Board of Appeals.

Her family is familiar to politics in Macomb County. Her mother is a councilwoman in Roseville, and her father was formerly the mayor of Roseville before becoming a state representative.

“I grew up in the arena and saw what you could do being an elected official for your community, and that was something I wanted to do,” Pozzi said.

Pozzi has lived in the township for 16 years. She earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Central Michigan University.

Upon taking office, Pozzi said she will work hard to restore trust between the township residents and their government.

“I feel there have been questions that have arisen that may have given them reason to have doubt, and I’m hoping that the way we move forward as a board, we put everything out there to the public, make it more available to them, so that they feel confident that everything is being done in a correct process, and they have availability to that information to ensure that they can trust us,” Pozzi said.

One way in which she plans to accomplish that is to review what information is made public on the township website.

Pozzi also said she plans on reviewing township processes and procedures.

“I look forward to moving forward and correcting anything that was potentially done incorrectly, and making sure the processes and procedures are followed correctly, and that we can put the trust back into the residents that we are doing everything as the processes are supposed to be done,” Pozzi said.

Although she will be new to the Clerk’s Office and Board of Trustees meetings, Pozzi will be working with an experienced staff she looks forward to working with.

“I’m looking forward to working with them as a team to review all of the processes that they’ve used to date to see what we can do to streamline it or improve it in any way,” Pozzi said. “As of right now, they do a fantastic job, and I’m hoping that we can just move forward and do some improvements along the way.”