New assistant city manager coming to St. Clair Shores

By: Kristyne E. Demske | St. Clair Shores Sentinel | Published January 12, 2022

 New assistant city manager coming to St. Clair Shores

New assistant city manager coming to St. Clair Shores

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ST. CLAIR SHORES — The current assistant city manager for the city of Saline will be moving into the same position in St. Clair Shores with City Council’s approval of his hiring.

After the resignation of Assistant City Manager William Gambill to accept a new position as city manager in Manistee, the city began a recruitment effort to fill his position, with more than 100 people applying for the position.

City Manager Matthew Coppler said he interviewed nine candidates for the position and then narrowed the list to four candidates for the final interview process. By the time panel interviews were held with former managers, city staff, Mayor Kip Walby, Coppler and the interim assistant city manager, however, only two candidates remained.

Following that round of interviews, Coppler recommended that City Council approve the hiring of Michael Greene as assistant city manager. He said Greene has been the assistant city manager for Saline for the past two years and served for a time between July and December 2020 as its interim city manager. He also has more than two years’ experience serving as the village manager for the Village of Three Oaks.

Coppler said they were looking for a candidate who had experience either as a manager or assistant manager.

“It brings to the table someone who has been through working with City Council, working with residents, working with staff,” he said. “Looking at it from a lot of different points of view.”

He said Greene had the traits they were looking for in an assistant city manager.

“He definitely was very interested in interacting with the public,” Coppler said. “His interests lie in working with the public and working with committees.”

Greene also has a background in public works and community development.

“It checked off a lot of boxes, from our point of view, that he would be a very successful candidate for us,” Coppler explained.

City Councilman John Caron said he was impressed when he met Greene. Although he is young, he said his experience showed that he was “somebody who could actually be put in charge of personnel. Hopefully, he’ll be given bigger leadership roles from the start. I think he’s capable.”

Coppler said he received positive feedback from city staff members who participated in the interview process.

“They felt very comfortable with him in how he presented himself,” he said of Greene. “They felt that he could help them become better, and I thought that was important in this role.”

City Councilman Chris Vitale said he hoped Greene understood the position was “not a 9 to 5 job.”

“What’s important to me will be his availability,” Vitale said. “There’s times where a road’s not plowed on a Saturday. We need a person to go to. This is something Mr. Greene’s going to be able to deal with.”

The City Council approved Greene’s hiring with a vote of 6-0. Coppler said he hoped Greene could begin sometime in mid-to-late January.