A new roof for the Roseville Fire Department’s headquarters on Common Road is among the projects slated to be paid for through the new bond.

A new roof for the Roseville Fire Department’s headquarters on Common Road is among the projects slated to be paid for through the new bond.

File photo by Deb Jacques

Municipal facilities bond proposal in Roseville passes

Splash pad groundbreaking, fire station remodeling could begin in 2024

By: Maria Allard | Roseville-Eastpointe Eastsider | Published November 8, 2023


ROSEVILLE — Library upgrades, a new splash pad and renovations at both fire stations are in Roseville’s future.

At the polls Nov. 7, the city’s municipal facilities bond proposal passed.

According to the official results from the Macomb County Clerk/Register of Deeds Office, there were 2,325 “yes” votes and 1,543 “no” votes.

Through taxes, the 30-year bond will generate funding for several building updates in the city.

Officials plan to use the funds for renovations at both fire stations, building enhancements at the Roseville Public Library, improvements to the Department of Public Services building, and upgrades to the 39th District Court. City officials also promised a new splash pad at one of the parks, as well as park improvements.

“The city of Roseville is really grateful that our residents passed the bond millage. We’ll be getting to explore and look at the process for the splash pad, renovating our fire departments and other city buildings,” City Manager Ryan Monroe said. “It’s a long process to get those kinds of plans going and to make sure we do our due diligence in pricing it out, and those projects will have to go to bid.  We are going to actively begin that process.”

Officials have already met with the city’s architectural firm to start planning the projects.

“We typically use Anderson Eckstein and Westrick for these types of projects,” Monroe said in a follow-up email. “We are in the planning stages, but I am hopeful we will have the splash pad project planned and ready to break ground in 2024. We will also be working on the fire station remodel plans that should also begin in 2024.”

One of the projects will be an addition to the DPS building. Money also will be allocated for updates at the city’s two fire stations: the headquarters at 18750 Common Road, and the city’s second fire station at 17644 Frazho Road.

According to Fire Chief Keith Jacobs, the headquarters location needs a new roof. Plans also include updating the dormitory areas at each station to make them co-ed. When the stations were built in the 1960s, there weren’t any female firefighters; now there are five.

“Nothing is set in stone, but that’s what we’re hoping for,” said Jacobs, adding that the passing of the bond “is a benefit to the citizens of Roseville and the employees.”

When a bond proposal passes, it taxes the city’s residents. The bonds are sold in the capital markets at a date determined by the city, a financial adviser and an underwriter. The interest rates can change due to market conditions. Upon closing, funds generated from the bond sale are deposited in the city’s construction fund and are available to spend for completion of the projects contemplated in the bond proposal.

The new bond averages 0.744 mills per $1,000 of taxable value per year. The taxable value is the value used to calculate property taxes.

For example, under the bond, a family whose home is worth $125,000 with a taxable value of $62,500 will pay approximately $45 per year under the municipal facilities bond.

The municipal facilities bond replaces the city’s existing Chapter 20 millage for stormwater repairs that passed 30 years ago. The previous Chapter 20 millage was 1 mill per $1,000 of taxable value per year. According to city officials, while the new bond will still tax residents, the tax rate will be lower than the Chapter 20 bond.