Men’s Club’s 38th annual auction to benefit local park

By: Mike Koury | Woodward Talk | Published March 18, 2019


HUNTINGTON WOODS — The Huntington Woods Men’s Club once again is looking to raise money for a community project.

The Men’s Club’s 38th annual auction will be held at 6 p.m. Saturday, March 23, at the Gillham Recreation Center. This year’s auction will help pay for shade canopies and trees at Burton Community Park.

Attendees of the event will have a chance to bid on a variety of items during both the live and silent auctions. The silent auction will feature many items ranging from gift certificates and baskets from local establishments to jewelry and clothing.

The live auction will feature some of the more notable items that attendees can walk away with, including a Detroit Tigers suite package, tickets to a Justin Timberlake concert, an African safari vacation, or being able to ride in an Indy car.

Men’s Club Publicity Chair Alex Cooper said it’s always a big team effort each year from every member to get the auction items.

“All the club members participate by touching base with people who they know, businesses in the community. Some guys are even donating their services. One of the members is donating his home up north. … There’s this big effort to find different gifts from the community,” he said.

That Men’s Club member who’s donating his cottage up north for a three-day, two-night stay is Marty Mlynarek, a former Huntington Woods resident of 26 years. He’s volunteered his home in Lewiston for more than 10 years as part of the auction.

Mlynarek said the item always has been a popular item for people to bid on, so he keeps auctioning a stay in his cottage to help raise money for whatever project needs the money.

“We’re not up there all the time. We don’t live up there in the summer. They get a hold of me and we can find a mutual weekend that works for everybody,” he said.

Mlynarek said it’s amazing how some of the members in the club are able to raise money and get items for the auction.

“Of course we all contribute to deciding where that money is going to go every year, voting on projects, which my family benefited from while we were there,” he said. “Even though I’m gone now, we still have a lot of friends in Huntington Woods, and so I don’t mind doing it, knowing it raises a lot of money for my friends and the people that attend the auction and the people of Huntington Woods who benefit from the projects that we’ve done over the years.”

Some of the more recent projects the Men’s Club auction has supported include improvements at Scotia Park and a generator at City Hall.

“The auction is really, really a gigantic undertaking, but it really ends up being such a fantastic experience every year,” Cooper said.

Tickets for the Men’s Club auction can be purchased for $30 per person at the Recreation Center, 26325 Scotia Road, or at City Hall, 26815 Scotia Road.