MCC tuition rates to increase next year

By: Maria Allard | Metro | Published February 17, 2023


MACOMB COUNTY — Macomb Community College students will see a 4.7% tuition increase next year.

At the MCC Board of Trustees meeting on Feb. 15, the board voted 5-2 to authorize tuition rates for the fall 2023 through spring/summer 2024 academic year.

The tuition rates will increase 4.7%, with the rate for residents going from $106 per billable contact hour to $111. Even with the increase, college officials maintained that Macomb’s tuition rates are lower than average.

Trustees Roseanne DiMaria, Joan Flynn, Katherine Lorenzo, Shelley Vitale and Vincent Viviano voted for the tuition increase. Frank Cusumano and Kristi Dean voted against the measure.

“When assessing tuition decisions, our highest priority is the needs of our students, ensuring access and affordability, and offering transformative programs supported by the resources and services that drive student success,” MCC President James O. Sawyer IV, Ed.D, said in a press release. “At the same time, it is a careful balancing act between addressing student needs and maintaining the fiscal soundness and sustainability of the college.”

According to school officials, the college is facing lower enrollment driven by changing demographics, continued uncertainty from the pandemic, a robust labor market offering higher wage rates and shifting views about higher education. Inflation also is a factor. In response, Macomb officials are moving to realign the scope and size of the college to ensure the right resources are in place to meet the changing needs of the community.

“While this will result in the reduction of expenses, primarily through elimination of positions and reallocating staff to fill mission-critical positions, Macomb will continue to invest to improve student success and to develop programs that connect residents to career pathways that offer long-term labor market resiliency,” the press release states.

MCC’s revenue consists of three primary sources tuition, local property taxes and state appropriations.

Here is the scope of increase of the 2023-2024 rates: Resident rates increase from $106 to $111; out-of-district from $198 to $208; out of state/foreign from $252 to $265; affiliate, which are students living in areas not served by a community college district, from $136 to $142; and variable (contract) from $106 to $111. Early college/dual enrollment remained the same at $106.