Man shot at Twelve Mile Crossing at Fountain Walk shopping center in Novi

By: Charity Meier | Novi Note | Published March 8, 2023

File photo by Patricia O’Blenes


NOVI — A man was shot in the southwest parking lot of the Twelve Mile Crossing at Fountain Walk shopping center following an altercation on Tuesday night, March 7.

Police were called to the shopping plaza in the general area of 12 Mile and Novi roads at approximately 8:45 p.m. for a possible shooting. Upon arrival, Novi police officers found a man in his 40s lying on the ground outside his vehicle with a gunshot wound to the left side of his abdomen. According to Cmdr. Kristie Gruenwald, of the Novi Police Department, the man’s injuries appeared to be non-life-threatening, and he was transported to a hospital. As of March 20, the victim was still hospitalized following complications, according to Novi Police Cmdr. Jason Meier.

“Through the investigation that’s been ongoing since then, what we’ve learned is that he had been visiting a business in the area, had come out to his car to leave. When he got to his car, he noticed somebody inside of it. He engaged with that person, and through that there were multiple shots fired,” Gruenwald said.

According to Gruenwald, police would have to interview the victim to find out more details about the cause of the incident. She said that a witness was able to provide police with “limited” information, and police were able to get a description of the suspect. However, she said police would not be releasing the suspect’s description at this time. She said investigators are trying to determine if there was a reason for the other party to be in the man’s vehicle or if the other person was not supposed to have been there.

“We’re working under the assumption right now that he was not supposed to be in the vehicle, and so whatever reason he was in there was not of good standing, but we don’t know exactly why he was in there yet,” Gruenwald said.

According to Meier, police were able to interview the victim March 8. However, Meier said police could not release any of the information that might have been learned from that interview.

As of March 20, no suspect had been apprehended, Meier said.