Man jailed after stealing dog, threatening video store employee and police

By: Kristyne E. Demske | St. Clair Shores Sentinel | Published April 23, 2018

 Deangelo Webster

Deangelo Webster

ST. CLAIR SHORES — A 34-year-old Grosse Pointe Farms man is behind bars, facing myriad charges stemming from alleged assaults on police officers and a stolen German shepherd.

According to police, the man became irate April 14 when an employee of Family Video at 22105 Greater Mack Ave. would not open a new account for him. This was after he had already allegedly stolen a dog from a local groomer.

St. Clair Shores Police Detective Brad Benac said that earlier that afternoon, 34-year-old Deangelo Webster, of Grosse Pointe Farms, first went into the Splish Splash Doggy Daycare and Spa, 26427 Harper Ave., and allegedly took a dog.

“He walked in and grabbed the German shepherd, left his ID behind and exited the establishment with the dog,” Benac said. “He had no connection to the dog whatsoever.”

Benac said that because of the man’s size, employees at the salon felt that they could not stop him themselves, so they called police for help. 

From there, Benac said, the man went to Family Video. An employee there told police that Webster had brought a stack of DVDs up to the counter and tried to open a new account. The employee, however, said that she could not do that as he already had an open account with overdue rentals. According to the police report, the man then got angry and went behind the counter to check the drop box, as he claimed to have returned the DVDs. 

The report states that when the employee asked him to leave, Webster called her the “white devil” and threatened to get his dog to eat her. That was when the employee called police and locked the doors behind him. While police were on their way, the employee said that she saw the man get a dog from his car and begin kicking it. She said she could hear the dog crying out with each blow. The man then put the dog back into the car and returned to the store vestibule.

Police arrived to find Webster in the vestibule of the store. When officers asked, he told them he did not have any weapons in his possession, but he refused to allow police to search him. When police attempted to search the man, he began to tense up his muscles to resist and fought with officers, ripping a microphone from an officer’s shirt, hitting one in the head and biting another officer’s finger, drawing blood. 

Police were able to handcuff Webster after applying a stun gun to him, but he continued to resist arrest and threatened the lives of officers as they attempted to place him in the scout car. 

Police ended up needing assistance from emergency medical services to place the man on a stretcher and take him to the hospital. The man continued to threaten officers and to allegedly say that the “white devil” was going to kill him.

Once Webster was in police custody, officers were able to make contact with the dog’s owner, who arrived to claim the dog. Police also found a handgun with the serial number scraped off, an unloaded magazine, nearly a dozen rounds of ammunition and a small amount of marijuana in the suspect’s vehicle.

Webster was transported to a local hospital. He was arraigned April 20 in the 40th District Court in front of Judge Joseph Oster on charges of carrying a concealed weapon, resisting and obstructing causing injury to an officer, resisting and obstructing, altering identification marks on a pistol, larceny $200-$1,000, assault and battery, animal cruelty and possession of marijuana. 

At press time, Webster was being held in the Macomb County Jail on a $100,000 bond. He had not yet retained an attorney.

He will be back in court May 4 for a probable cause conference, and his preliminary hearing is set for May 11.