Man charged in Fraser molestation case receives maximum sentence

Estranged wife receives fine and no jail time

By: Nick Mordowanec | Fraser - Clinton Township Chronicle | Published September 17, 2014

 A deputy sheriff brings Stanley Duncan into the courtroom for his sentencing.

A deputy sheriff brings Stanley Duncan into the courtroom for his sentencing.

Photos by Deb Jacques


MACOMB COUNTY — On Sept. 9, Macomb County Circuit Court Judge Matthew Switalski sentenced 65-year-old Stanley Duncan to no less than 25 years and not more than 40 years in jail for each of four counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

On four charges each of second-degree criminal sexual conduct, Duncan received a sentence of no less than 71 months and no more than 15 years.

As of Sept. 9, Duncan had served 1,156 days of credit for his time.

The charges stemmed from day care incidents that occurred in the 1990s and around 2011, in which Duncan was found guilty of sexual misconduct with two girls aged 3 and 4.

Stanley Duncan’s wife, Vita, 64, was sentenced to pay a $500 fine and $500 in court costs within 60 days for her role as the day care operator. She was given no jail time.

She was previously acquitted of two counts — one count of first-degree and one-count of second-degree — of criminal sexual conduct on Aug. 8.

In both cases, Switalski referenced the final decisions of the jury during trial and called the entire matter “unfortunate.”

“It was a horrible crime,” Switalski said in reference to Stanley Duncan. “The jury has spoken, and it is what it is.”

Prior to sentencing, parents of each of the abused children spoke in front of the court to express their heartache and how Stanley Duncan has negatively affected their lives and the lives of their daughters.

All of the victims’ families asked to remain nameless.

One of the victims’ fathers said Stanley Duncan destroyed the kids’ trust and that he will eventually have to answer to God for his transgressions. The mother said that Vita Dunctan knew what was going on and made no attempt to put a stop to it, turning a blind eye to her estranged husband’s actions.

The mother of the other child said Stanley Duncan is a smart man who knew what he was doing, yet he decided to destroy the trust of the young children and took advantage of them with no remorse. That woman’s husband also spoke, calling both Stanley and Vita “pieces of scum” and said the judge needed to “lock them up like the animals that they are.”

Prosecutor Nicole Blank-Becker called Stanley Duncan’s acts deplorable and said that family support was violated and destroyed by his course of action.

Vita Duncan’s attorney, Ryan Machasic, told the judge that his client just wants to go back to her family and her life. He also said she lost her home during the course of this years-long court case.

Switalski almost repeated his words verbatim from the Stanley Duncan sentencing, saying the jury had spoken and that was the ultimate decision.

He added, “Some families of the victims are more mad at (Vita Duncan) than (Stanley Duncan).”

Once court adjourned, the father of one of the victims said the whole process was beneficial for the sake of society, but that it did not give him or his family much relief. He said his daughter still has a long battle and is being aided by a Christian education that is helping her cope.

The man said both victims’ families lean on one another for guidance and support.