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Macomb voters have choices to make from local level on up

Macomb Township Chronicle | Published October 26, 2016

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In the Chronicle’s coverage area, voters will decide who will represent them at the local, state and national levels. Candidates were asked, in 150 words or fewer, to state the top items they wish to accomplish if elected and how they would go about accomplishing them. If a candidate went over the word limit, (…) replaces the rest of the answer. (I) indicates that the candidate is an incumbent. The answers are printed verbatim except where material is omitted due to personal attacks or items we know to be false or that are blatant misrepresentations. Profiles appear only for candidates in contested races. 

Macomb Township Supervisor
Two candidates are running for one four-year term.

Janet Dunn (I)
Age: 75
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 50 years
Online campaign information: No answer given
Education: Graduate of Utica High School, Attended Michigan State University, Graduate of Citizen Planner, Graduate of Township Governance Academy, Colorado Design School for Parks and Recreation Development, Level  III State of Michigan Certified Assessor, Retired.
Previously held elected offices: Macomb Township Trustee from 1995 to 2012.
Top goals: 1.Continue to do more with less. I believe new residents expect to have the same services they had where they lived previously. Residents who have lived in Macomb for a long time expect the Board to keep taxes low and still offer the same or more services they have had in the past without taking into account how costs have consistently risen.
Continually watch expenditures, right size the staff and pursue efficiency.
2. Continue with the road paving program for the next four years and double the sidewalk construction for the next year as established by the Township Board. Pursue Federal  Funding for the main roads and budget over several years for the remaining.
3. Bring cultural events to the Township, such as the DIA Inside out program from  last year and the sculpture exhibit currently on display on Township grounds and Macomb Corners Park. These are no or very little expense.

Mark Grabow
Age: 48
Occupation: CEO of Brentwood’s Distinguished Executive Transportation
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 48 Years
Online campaign information:
Education: Graduated High School, attended Macomb Community College to obtained Fire Fighter II/EMT Accreditation along with Business administration classes.
Previously held elected offices: Former Macomb Township Supervisor 2008-2012
Top goals: Having an opportunity of being the Macomb Township Supervisor From 2008 -2012, I have had great experience in handling the township and its day to day affairs along with the options of being able to understand the way everything works together.  My dedication to the sustainability and future direction for the townships health must be done with the input of the people of the community.  My focus and goals In Macomb Township is that of the future development of the infrastructure of Macomb Townships roads and service items of water and sanitary.  We badly need road improvements to eliminate traffic issues.  Residents have been clear about the concerns and it must be a priority to have them feel safe for the services they need.  Police, Fire & EMS all must be reviewed and decided upon based on resident input. Our services to the Senior Community must be restored and enhanced.

Macomb Township Clerk
One candidate is running for one four-year term.

Kristi Pozzi
Running unopposed

Macomb Township Treasurer
One candidate is running for one four-year term.

Karen M. Goodhue (I)
Running unopposed

Macomb Township Board of Trustees
Six candidates are running for four four-year terms.

Dino Bucci (I)
Age:  57
Occupation: Operation manager – engineering
Municipality of residence:  Macomb Township
For how long: 18 years
Online campaign information: No answer given
Education: Attended Albion College (Business Administration)
Previously held elected offices:  Macomb Township trustee since 2000
Top goals: I want to build on the progress we have made since I was elected Macomb Township Trustee 16 years ago.
Road improvements remain a priority as our population increases, (Biggest gain in Michigan – U.S. census).
We must continue to attract new businesses to the township bringing new jobs and new business tax dollars – but never at the expense of disrupting residential neighborhoods or residential property values.
We must maintain our perfect financial rating with the Southeast Council of Governments.  This means careful financial planning and asking tough questions and demanding straight answers during budget deliberations.  All wasteful spending must be eliminated and we should expect a dollar’s worth of service for every tax dollar.  This means efficiency in operation and accountability.
Establishing budget priorities is necessary including top-notch police-fire protection, dependable trash pick-up and meaningful senior citizen programs and parks and recreation programs for all ages.

Roger Krzeminski (I)
Age: 75
Occupation: Retired from Chrysler Corp. in 2001 after 36 Years
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 38 years
Online campaign information: No answer given
Education: CMU B/S Degree; Chrysler Institute of Engineering Associate Degree; MSU Citizen Planner Program; Colorado Parks & Recreation Facilities Design and Management School
Previously held elected offices: Re-elected in 2012 as Trustee. Previous Public Service 80-84; 88-2000; 2004-2012
Top goals: I have dedicated over 3 decades of my life as a Board member in forming of Macomb TWP.  It is great place for individuals, families and commerce to reside.
Continual development is at the forefront of each Board.  Our Department Managers and Planning will analyze each new business application and will ensure it is the right fit for the Township. 

Nancy Nevers (I)
Age: 75
Occupation: Retired from Chrysler after 36 years
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 16 years
Online campaign information: No answer given
Education: I’ve completed five years of college toward a Business Degree, and I’m a graduate of the MSU Citizens’ Planner Program.
Previously held elected offices: Macomb Township Trustee – three terms
Top goals: First - Based on population growth in our Township, I agree with Chief Phillips that it is appropriate to look into hiring additional fire fighters. I am ready to consider all proposals.
Second - I feel the problem of roadway congestion is critical and would be improved significantly by paving Broughton Road all the way to Heydenreich.  That improvement would allow faster emergency response times, greater access and traffic flow as well as smart development.
Third - In summary, I believe paving all Township roads, connecting all Township sidewalks, expanding park land in the southern end of the Township to be the most critical tasks for the future of our Township.

Timothy F. Bussineau
Age: 46
Occupation: Social Studies teacher, Romeo High School
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 20 years
Online campaign information:
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Political Science/Criminal Justice, Saginaw Valley State University
Masters of Arts in Teaching, Wayne State University
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: Infrastructure- Our roads are in constant need of repair.  Acquiring all available funding from local, state, and federal programs is a must to fix and maintain roads. I will be relentless in pursuing those funds.  We also need to have properly maintained sidewalks along major roads and in subdivisions for families to feel safe and be safe
Fire and Police support-  We have wonderful, brave firefighters and deputies that put their lives on the line everyday keeping all of us safe. I just want them to not be overworked and quite frankly overburdened due to their low numbers for a township of 85,000.  I want to give the fire and sheriff department’s all the support personnel wise to match our population. This will take some financial planning and some sacrifice, but keeping our families safe is a priority.
Parks and recreation- I will continue to support and promote their programs.

Michael J. O’Lear
Age: No answer given
Occupation: Worked for Center Line Public Schools as a Maintenance leader, retiring after 34 yrs. Severed as Union president for AFSCME Local # 2722. Joined the Macomb Township Fire Dept. in 1985 as a paid-on- call firefighter and retired as sergeant in 2015.
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 33 years
Online campaign information: No answer given
Education: High School Graduate, Macomb Community Collage Fire Science and Emergency Medical Technician.
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: 1. I will work to ensure improvement in the Fire Department, while striving to make Macomb Township safe and cost effective for all residents.
2. Fight for improved quality of life issues affecting the senior citizens and physically challenged in
Macomb Township . And enforcing the ordnance  of the handicap parking in the Township.
3. Work to make the roads better and more sidewalks for the growth of the Township, and be the voice of the residents.

Linda Rose Clor
Age: 64
Occupation: State Licensed Clinical Social Worker / Marriage and Family Therapist
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 18 years
Online campaign information:
Education: Master Degree Wayne State University
Previously held elected offices: No answer given
Top goals: Safety and fast response to the emergency needs of residents within our community is of top priority. Do we need full-time or more fire fighters and police? If the statistics, cost estimates, and quality of services substantiate these changes we must make these needed changes!
Let’s make travel on our roads safer by taking care of pot holes, increasing the lanes on heavily traveled roads and having adequately timed traffic lights. 
I will assist with good planning within the perimeters of the community so we will have employment opportunities while continuing to offer natural green areas, more parks, an improved senior center, many good schools, a dog park, and sidewalks as well as economically available housing, recreation and transportation for possibly disadvantaged persons.
I will provide accountability while keeping taxes down and thriftiness alive in order to have a good quality of everyday life for diversified present and future residents.

Chippewa Valley Schools Board of Education
Four candidates are running for three six-year terms.

Frank V. Bednard (I)
Age: 52
Occupation: Law Enforcement Sergeant, Macomb County Sheriff’s Office
Municipality of residence: Clinton Township
For how long: 26 years
Online campaign information: No answer given
Education: Orchard Lake St. Mary Preparatory; Macomb Community College; Macomb Police Academy; Michigan Association of School Boards – Certified Boardmember
Previously held elected offices: Chippewa Valley School Board (2001 – Present)
Top goals: As an involved, caring parent and school board member, I feel the most important issues facing our school district are:
We must make sure that our students are prepared for their future.  We need to set expectations high and have dedicated staff throughout every building.  We need to improve educational opportunities to help our children to realize their individual talents.
We must run Chippewa Valley Schools with a balanced budget.  The gap in per student funding allowance between school districts remains significant throughout the County and State.  We need our fair share of tax dollars put back in our schools.
Safety for the students and staff in our schools is a constant concern.  We owe it to our children to remain ever vigilant in ways to make our schools safe.  We must make sure that our children are given the best possible environment to learn.

Elizabeth A. Pyden (I)
Age: 41
Occupation: Attorney- Partner, Saurbier Law Firm, P.C.
Municipality of residence: Clinton Township
For how long: 40 years
Online campaign information: No answer given
Education: Chippewa Valley High School, 1993
University of Michigan, B.S., 1997
Wayne State University Law School, J.D., 2000
Previously held elected offices: Chippewa Valley School Board, elected for a partial term November 2012
Top goals: My primary focus is student achievement.  I will continue to strive to promote policies of the district that are targeted to promote achievement of all students.  School practices must have a focus on high standards, a rigorous curriculum, and high-quality teachers. 
Resources should be allocated to needs.  Not all students walk through the door with the same needs.  I have recognized this fact and strive to allocate resources such as time, money and personnel accordingly.
Finally, I will continue to working to keep Chippewa Valley fiscally strong,  I am mindful of a school board member’s accountability to the community which entrusts its children to public schools.  I will continue to routinely and regularly measure and report on the  return on investment of the education dollars spent.  I will continue to consistently ask the question, “What services are we providing to which students at what cost, resulting in what benefits?”

Jill DeMuynck Zech (I)
Age: 38
Occupation: Special Education Advocate, Macomb Advocacy, LLC
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 32 years
Online campaign information:
Education: Central Michigan University, Master of Science in Administration, Walsh College, Bachelor of Accountancy, Chippewa Valley High School
Previously held elected offices: Chippewa Valley School Board
Top goals: Three things I plan to accomplish are:
1. Developing and maintaining innovative educational programming to reflect the needs of the future by preparing our students for the challenges they’ll face, exploring partnerships with other learning institutions, and providing appropriate technological resources.
2. Attracting and retaining the best educators and staff by providing the tools necessary and maximizing available resources to achieve success in our schools for all students.
3. Focusing and prioritizing budgetary issues by spending money in the areas with the highest need and greatest impact.

Robert Wojtowicz
Did not return questionnaire by press time.

L’Anse Creuse Public Schools Board of Education
Nine candidates are running for three six-year terms.

Necole Cichowlas
Age: 39
Occupation: I am a career hairdresser, previously owning two salons. Once I began having children I was fortunate enough to sell those businesses in order to direct my focus on our family. I currently assist my husband in his company, Detroit Fire Tees.
Municipality of residence: Chesterfield Township
For how long: 9 years
Online campaign information:
Education: I graduated from Regina High School in 1995, received my cosmetology license from the State of Michigan Apprentice Program, and attended the Macomb Community College Pre-Nursing Program.
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: Financial Issues is a common thread among school districts I will work closely with our highly qualified financial department to assure we continue fiscal responsibility.
Declining Enrollment is yet another trend we see, I will follow closely the research taking place concerning School of Choice and the effect on district enrollment and student outcomes.
I value the importance of district tradition and history and will strive to form collaborative partnerships with community members, students, parents and educators to create a nurturing environment that insures each student achieves his/her personal best.

Hilary Dubay
Age: 38
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Municipality of residence: Harrison Township
For how long: 11 years
Online campaign information:
Education: Regina High School, Wayne State University
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: If elected I would like to accomplish many things, but the top issues would be; one, I would like to bring a sense of cohesiveness to the board.  Being a positive person, I would like to work together to solve the many struggles that a school district may face. With my diverse knowledge of the school system and its operations, I would be an asset in discussions and solutions regarding important issues. Two, the relationship between the Board and the community should be encouraging and supportive.  Working together will encourage success, fostering an environment where kids can grow and communities can be strengthened. Three, with the projection of losing 600 students in the next 2 years our focus should be on giving our students options and an education allowing them to flourish. My approach will be one of optimism, professionalism, acceptance and impartialness when it comes to every decision.

Mary Hilton (I)
Age: No answer given
Occupation: Registered nurse for 22 years
Municipality of residence: Chesterfield Township
For how long: 20 years
Online campaign information: No answer given
Education: Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
Previously held elected offices: L’Anse Creuse School Board
Top goals: As a Parent, Board Member, Booster Club member, former Coach, and Professional, I bring an educated and honest openness to this Board. I believe that Knowledge is power and transparency is honesty. Our Schools works best for our students and community when we are informed and transparent in all that we do. In the next year, our District will choose a new Superintendent to guide us. I would like to represent our community in choosing that person. We need integrity, intelligence and a leader in education to move our community forward.
I feel we need to refocus. Educating our students as a first priority and then getting back to the feel of the L’Anse Creuse as a community will be my goal.

Steven J. Maul
Age: 53
Occupation: Certified Project Manager
Municipality of residence: Chesterfield Township
For how long: 20 Years
Online campaign information:
Education: Wayne State University – B.S. Degree in Business Administration 1989, Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from Project Management Institute - 2005
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: 1. Fiscal Responsibility – Sharp focus on every dollar spent with emphasis on resources going to students first. Develop real strategic plans for the district that lay out our goals and document measures of success.
2. Rebuild Sense of Community – Help to build real, two-way communication between the community and the school district administration. All too often, it feels like the current administration isn’t really listening to the community and we need to encourage participation and feedback from all stakeholders in our district.
3. Strengthen relationship between the Administration and BoE – Help to heal the division that exists between the administration and board as well as between board members so that we can effectively move our district forward. I have a long track record of building teams and moving towards a common goal.

James F. Munroe
Age: No answer given
Occupation: I am a retiree from the L’Anse Creuse Public Schools and a recent retiree from the Michigan Education Association. For 17 years, I taught Secondary Mathematics in L’Anse Creuse. I was the initial Assistant Principal at Middle School South for its first three years. I was a field director for the Michigan Education Association working in Macomb and Oakland counties for 19 years. I was promoted to Organizational (Eastern Zone) Director for a four county area for 3 years and Human Resources Director statewide for 3 years.
Municipality of residence: Chesterfield Township
For how long: Over 20 years
Online campaign information: No answer given
Education: My education is a Bachelor’s Degree (B.S. in Secondary Education) and a Masters Degree (M.Ed. in Mathematics Education). I earned both degrees from Wayne State University.
Previously held elected offices: No answer given
Top goals: The lack of adequate per pupil funding by the State of Michigan impacts the entire educational program we can offer to students. We are left with no alternative but joining others to demand that the Michigan legislature increase per pupil funding. In addition, the school district must also address the continued decline in student enrollment as it impacts the dollars available for funding all educational programs. Curriculum offerings must attract students to the school district. These issues must be considered in the selection of our new Superintendent. I have watched the School District move away from its “family” orientation. No one on the Board of Education has an extended history of L’Anse Creuse. With my experience in L’Anse Creuse, management background, passion, and dedication, I can offer both a history and a calming influence on the Board of Education.

Jeffrey M. Pegg (I)
Age: 45
Occupation: 20 year firefighter for the City of Detroit
Municipality of residence: Clinton Township
For how long: 16 years
Online campaign information: My Facebook site is “friends to elect Jeff Pegg for the board of education”
Education: I graduated from Divine Child High School and attended Wayne State for two years
Previously held elected offices: L’Anse Creuse School Board
Top goals: What makes me the most qualified candidate is my dedication to making sure that my children get the best education possible. This dedication carries over to all the students in the district.  Also my experience as a past union president can help with dealing contracts and what it means to be fair.
The biggest challenge we face is declining enrollment. Two years ago I was fortunate to sit on a building utilization committee, for the district, where we were tasked with looking at what options we have to consolidate buildings.  In doing this, it was clear from the demographer that the population in our district is declining and will continue to do so. As we know the district gets it money from the State based on student population. Declining numbers means less money to the district. Over the next few years we are going to have to get really creative(…)

Sharon L. McTavish Ross (I)
Age: 58
Occupation: Retired
Municipality of residence: Chesterfield Township
For how long: 18 years
Online campaign information: Facebook:  Sharon McTavish Ross - L’Anse Creuse School Board of Education: Associate’s Degree, General Studies/Liberal Arts, Macomb Community College Medical Transcription, Ross Medical Education
Previously held elected offices: L’Anse Creuse Public Schools Board of Education, January 2013 - December 2016
Top goals: 1.  School funding: Legislatively, make Lansing adhere to their obligation under the State Constitution to provide/fund public K-12 education, at the starting point rate as recently revealed in a cost analysis of per pupil funding.
For-profit charters shouldn’t get public K-12 funding.
2.  Student achievement: Allow teachers to teach how each child learns. There is no one size fits all way to teach all students. State needs to stop using students as experiments with a new test every year, less time getting instruction with more testing.
3.  Financial health: Keep Lottery money in education, not pass through to the general fund.  This remedies the illegal pension/benefit shortfall that is draining district budgets. State has to pay 100% of their portion, not short it like they did again this year. That shortfall lands on the district.

Terri Spencer
Age: 57
Occupation: Educational Leader (30 years) - President of Davenport Consulting, LLC and School Transformation Specialist
Municipality of residence: Harrison Township
For how long: 20 years
Online campaign information: Facebook:
Education: Doctor of Education Degree in Educational Leadership, Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership, Master’s Degree in Educational Technology, Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and Child Development
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: If elected to the L’Anse Creuse School Board, I pledge to:
Use my 30+ years of educational leadership experience and collaborative leadership style to develop a more cohesive district governance team (Board/Superintendent).  I believe that members of our current school board are good people who want the best education for our children, yet as a group, the Board of Education is dysfunctional.  Board unity MUST improve in order for the Board to have the time and energy to address district priorities and the needs of our students, staff and schools.
Use my experience in human resources to help the Board hire and retain a highly-qualified and experienced educational leader as our next superintendent.
Use relationships that I have cultivated throughout six counties to address harmful legislation and funding inadequacies for K-12 public schools to support engaging and relevant educational opportunities in safe and well-maintained schools.

Brandon Trondle
Age: 18
Occupation: Full-time student
Municipality of residence: Clinton Township
For how long: 18 years
Online campaign information:
Education: L’Anse Creuse High School Class of 2016, Macomb Community College 2014-Present
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: Mend the relationship between the Board and community that has been damaged over the recent years. This will happen by actively communicating and working with the students, parents, teachers, and my other board members to create the best education and environment for the students.
I will do more to fight bullying. As a recent graduate I have witnessed how little our schools do to fight bullying. I will raise awareness about this serious issue and want to create more bullying awareness programs and events. It takes a lot to fight such an ongoing battle so we need to work with our students and community to find a solution to take this issue head on.
I will create more in depth and focused board discussion. I will use my experience as a recent LCHS graduate to bring insight to a student’s point of view so board discussions will be student centered.

State House of Representatives District 24
Two candidates are running for one two-year term.

Steve Marino
Age: 27
Occupation: Macomb County Commissioner & Small-business owner
Municipality of residence: Harrison Township
For how long: 27 years
Online campaign information:
Education: Michigan State University: B.A., Economics, B.A., Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy, B.A., Public Policy and Public Administration
Previously held elected offices: Macomb County Commissioner (Current)
Top goals: I am running for State Representative to ensure that Michigan’s economic climate is heading in the right direction. We must continue forging a job-friendly environment by eliminating unfunded mandates, increasing local control, providing a skilled workforce and quality education, and collaborating with our key industries so our local businesses are able to compete in today’s economy.

Dana Camphous-Peterson
Age: No answer given
Occupation: Special Projects Coordinator for County Executive Mark Hackel
Municipality of residence: Harrison Township
For how long: Lifelong resident
Online campaign information:
Education: I attended Northwood Institute
Previously held elected offices: Served two terms on the Macomb County Board of Commissioners.
Top goals: As a county elected official and worker, I know firsthand the problems our local governments face because of revenue sharing cuts making it harder to pay for services like police and fire protection. I’ll work to see that our communities get their fair share to provide critical services that our families and businesses rely on. I want to fight to make Michigan’s economy better for families so that they can get ahead. I’ll tackle higher education costs so current students, and my grandkids in the future, can afford college, obtain a degree and not spend decades paying off loans. I will across the aisle to accomplish these priorities.

State House of  Representatives District 33
Two candidates are running for one two-year term.

Jeff Yaroch
Age: 45
Occupation: Firefighter/ Battalion Chief/ Paramedic/ Attorney
Municipality of residence: City of Richmond
For how long: 23 years
Online campaign information:
Education: Juris Doctorate, WMU Cooley Law School
BBA in Human Resource Management, Baker College
AAS in Fire Science, Macomb Community College
Graduated, Chippewa Valley High School
Previously held elected offices: Richmond City Council 16 years, Republican Precinct Delegate 2 years
Top goals: Fiscal Responsibility: I believe every expenditure should be scrutinized for value to the taxpayers. Just as I have done in Richmond, I will work to rein in government spending and lower taxes.
Jobs and Prosperity: We must maintain a state in which our residents can live and work. Our youth should be able to get a world class education and find jobs here in Michigan. In Lansing, I will fight for a reasonable tax rate, eliminate unnecessary regulations and government bureaucracy, and work toward an education system that prepares our youth for today’s job market.
Roads: It seems that Lansing is always searching for a last-minute solution for road funding that costs taxpayers more money. That is not acceptable. Just as I have done in Richmond, I will work to plan for our road funding needs years in advance, eliminating the need to take on unnecessary debt or raise taxes.

Yani Warda
Age: 28
Occupation: Labor
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 9 Years
Online campaign information:
Education: Graduated from Macomb Community College with Associates in General Studies with Certificate in Fire Science. He is currently a senior at Madonna University in the Emergency Management Program with additional qualifications with Department of Homeland Security.
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: 1) Education 2) Criminal Justice Reform 3) Energy   At a personal agenda Mr. Warda will be focusing on the Genocide in Asia-Minor with the Christians.

Macomb County Board of Commissioners District 13
Two candidates are running for one two-year term.

Leon Drolet
Age: 49
Occupation: Chair, Michigan Taxpayers Alliance
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 10 years
Online campaign information:
Education: Bachelor Studies, Oakland University
Previously held elected offices: Macomb County Commissioner from 1999 - 2000, 2007 - 2008; MI State Representative from 2001 - 2006.
Top goals: Macomb is at a crossroad between being a frugal, limited government county or evolving into a big, Wayne County style government.
Macomb County raised general fund taxes by 9% in 2009 and facilitated a 68% increase in SMART mass transit taxes in 2014. As property tax revenues recover from the Great Recession, the County’s general fund tax rate should be gradually rolled back to the pre-2009 tax hike level. Macomb Township homeowners pay $120 annually in SMART bus taxes and will pay $290 annually if the proposed regional transit tax is approved. Yet, fewer than 1% of Macomb residents use mass transit.
County government spends too much on programs with little benefit to most taxpayers. Eliminate the County Film Office, sell the Martha T. Berry nursing home to a private owner. Eliminate the Green Schools Program and other nonessential programs that don’t benefit a majority of Macomb residents.

Martha O’Kray
Did not return questionnaire by press time.

Macomb County Prosecuting Attorney
Two candidates are running for one four-year term.

Michael R. Wrathell
Age: 55
Occupation: Attorney/Artist
Municipality of residence: Sterling Heights
For how long: Off and on since 1969
Online campaign information:
Education: Sterling Heights High School, University of Michigan, Thomas M. Cooley Law School
Previously held elected offices: Precinct Delegate, State Delegate (both in Macomb County)
Top goals: The first thing I’d like to do is make sure all the unconstitutional provisions in the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the assistant prosecutors and the County are rescinded. Everyone is America has the right to run for office. Fundamental rights like freedom of speech cannot be bargained away. The current CBA is grotesque. 
I will advocate making justice even better in Michigan — making the criminal laws tougher on serious crimes like dealing heroin, meth and cocaine, being a predator on the elderly, women and children, and lighter on matters that shouldn’t even be criminal, like marijuana possession by adults.
Additionally, some past convictions in Macomb County were the result of intimidated witnesses and other disturbing unethical events. Only the truly guilty should be locked up. Having a high conviction rate is only a good thing if you don’t throw innocent people in jail.

Eric J. Smith (I)
Age: 50
Occupation: Macomb County Prosecutor
Municipality of residence: Macomb
For how long: No answer given
Online campaign information: No answer given
Education: Chippewa Valley High School
Central Michigan University
Detroit College of Law
Previously held elected offices: Macomb County Prosecutor; first elected in 2004
Top goals: As your prosecutor, I established the Senior Protection Unit to stop and punish criminals who prey upon our county’s elderly. The Senior Protection Unit has prosecuted over ninety-five hundred cases, with a 100% conviction rate. We have returned over a million dollars to seniors who were scammed. We also canvass the county to teach seniors what to look out for and what steps to take when they are approached by thieves and con artists. Dedication to education and prevention is central to our mission.
Additionally, our families are under threat from the heroin epidemic. My office works hard with drug coalitions including Families Against Narcotics and schools across the county to meet this challenge head-on. We have instituted drug courts, seeking more effective treatment programs. We collaborate with parents, police, treatment officers, and educators to drive a wedge between our kids and drugs. Maintaining this vigilance is the key.

Macomb County Sheriff
Two candidates are running for one four-year term.

Paul M. Smith
Age: 70
Occupation: retired GM project manager
Municipality of residence: Sterling Heights
For how long: since 1977
Online campaign information: No answer given
Education: Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from GMI in Flint Michigan. Master’s Degree from Central Michigan University. USAF Officer Training and Pilot Training.
Previously held elected offices: Sterling Heights City Councilman
Top goals: I am giving the voters their first chance ever to elect a civilian to manage the Sheriff’s department. Since the beginning of time sheriffs and other Macomb County officials have been handed the positions like a hereditary monarchy.
I will accomplish the responsibilities of my department within the funds available and not try to expand taxation to fund preconceived spending dogma.
I will offer the services of the Macomb County Sheriff to tiny communities that cannot afford their own mini-police departments.

Anthony Wickersham (I)
Age: 54
Occupation: Sheriff of Macomb County
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 14 years
Online campaign information:
Education: Associate of Applied Science Law Enforcement — Macomb Community College
Bachelor of Technical and Interdisciplinary Studies — Wayne State University
Graduate of the FBI National Academy
Graduate of the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command
Previously held elected offices: No answer given
Top goals: The three priorities are jail/inmates, transparency, and hiring/retaining qualified personnel.
The Jail infrastructure dates back to 1950. We are spending money to keep the facility operating. Macomb Judges control our population and emergency declarations. A Jail Feasibility Study has been conducted. Recommendations will be coming and the Sheriff will have to make tough decisions about the care and custody of inmates for the next 25 years.
The Sheriff’s Office will strengthen community support by being open and transparent. We will be implementing the use of body cameras by the end of the year to protect our officers, citizens, and expand our transparency in the community.
The third priority is to seek out qualified individuals who want a career in law enforcement and corrections. We are competing with communities to hire the best candidates for our office. Providing competitive wages and benefits is needed to hire and retain the best person.

Macomb County Treasurer
Two candidates are running for one four-year term.

Larry Rocca
Age: 72
Occupation: Real Estate Broker
Municipality of residence: Clinton Township
For how long: 11 Years
Online campaign information: LARRYROCCA.COM
Education: Graduate of Oakland University- Major Political Science/History/Bus. Mgt.
Previously held elected offices: NONE
Top goals: I am running for Macomb County Treasurer, Republican
#1.To establish a smoother running Treasurer Office conservative and more efficient with more cooperation among all existing departments.
#2. To require an outside “forensic audit” to determine where waste and abuse exists and eliminate it where found. 
#3. To work closely with the citizens of Macomb county in helping them to stay in their homes when under financial difficulty.
I am a small Business Owner in Macomb County for over 30 years.
Combat Veteran, U.S. Navy – Served in Viet Nam
I am endorsed by Right to Life- PRO-LIFE
National Rifle Association, over 20 year member.
I have over 12 years Treasurer Experience in several organizations.
Elected Republican Precinct Delegate over 30 years in Macomb County.
12th Republican Committee Treasurer 1996-2002.
Macomb County Republican Executive Committee- Current Treasurer 2003-04
Macomb County Association of Realtors Board of Directors, Treasurer 1990.
MIREALSOURCE MMLS Inc. Board of Directors-Treasurer 2016

Derek E. Miller (I)
Age: 32
Occupation: Macomb County Treasurer
Municipality of residence: Warren
For how long: 32 years
Online campaign information:
Education: Cousino High School, Michigan State University, University of Detroit Mercy School of Law
Previously held elected offices: Michigan State Representative
Top goals: 1) Reduce Tax Foreclosures:  Immediately after being appointed to take over for the late Ted Wahby, I put together and launched the “Keep Macomb Your Home” campaign.  The first of its kind in Macomb County, this informational campaign informed taxpayers of the upcoming deadlines and available resources.  This led to a 30% reduction in foreclosures over last year.  I will continue to refine our foreclosure process to ensure that our tax foreclosure rate continues to decline.
2) Improve Technology:  I have begun the process of improving office technology.  We are upgrading the website to allow online tax searches as well as online payments.
3) Protect your tax dollars—During my time as treasurer we have worked hard to refine the county’s investment strategy to ensure that the money was being invested in a way provides a strong return on investment while only investing in safe, top rated investments.

Macomb County Public Works Commissioner
Two candidates are running for one four-year term.

Candice S. Miller
Age: 62
Occupation: Member of Congress
Municipality of residence: Harrison Township
For how long: 40 years
Online campaign information:
Education: No answer given
Previously held elected offices: Harrison Township Trustee — 1979-1980
Harrison Township Supervisor — 1980-1992
Macomb County Treasurer — 1992-1994
Michigan Secretary of State — 1995-2002
Member of Congress – 2003 — present
Top goals: For my entire career the protection of our water, including the magnificent Great Lakes, has been one of primary advocacies. The Macomb Public Works Commissioner is responsible for the protection of our water and it is seriously at risk from constant sewage overflows that foul our water and close our beaches nearly every time it rains. I will provide the solutions to this problem and the leadership needed to get the job done. In Congress I led the effort to secure funding to establish a real-time water quality monitoring system to protect our drinking water. The incumbent did not maintain that system and I intend to restore it. I also bring transparency to this department which is sadly lacking currently. I am proud to have the support of County Executive Mark Hackel and will work with him to give Macomb County clean water and clean government.

Anthony V. Marrocco (I)
Age: 68
Occupation: Macomb County Public Works Commissioner
Municipality of residence: Ray Township
For how long: Resident of Macomb County for 63 years. I have lived in Ray Township for 2 years, and had previously lived in Clinton Township for 43 years.
Online campaign information:
Education: Bachelor of Arts in History with Minors in Political Science and Philosophy, University of Detroit; Proud Graduate for Harper Woods Notre Dame High School.
Previously held elected offices: Macomb County Public Works Commissioner 1992-Present; Macomb County Commissioner 1985-88; Chippewa Valley School Board Trustee 1983-84.
Under my leadership, Macomb has worked to end CSOs including the completion of an $81M pollution abatement program to separate stormwater and sanitary sewers in Roseville, Eastpointe, and St. Clair Shores, to prevent basement flooding. Additionally, the Public Works Office is designing an expansion to the Chapaton Basin, to double its capacity to hold excess water during heavy rain events, and eliminate discharges into Lake St. Clair.
Under my leadership, the Public Works Office runs an extensive anti-pollution and environmental education effort. These award winning programs help students learn about the environment, and the part they need to play in keeping it clean and safe for everyone.
I run my office efficiently and have come in under budget every year I’ve been in office, returning more than $9M to the taxpayers.

Macomb County Clerk/Register of Deeds
Two candidates are running for one four-year term.

Karen A. Spranger
Age: 64
Occupation: Organizational Environmental Consultant
Municipality of residence: Warren, Michigan
For how long: All my life
Online campaign information:
Education: Ascension Catholic School, Warren Lincoln High School, vocational training at Van Dyke Public Schools.
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: The top three things I will accomplish as Macomb County Clerk and Register of Deeds is 1)  Implement advanced website technology to provide extensive educational outreach to all customers. 2) Aggressively pursue any reported election fraud affecting the integrity of our voting processes while eliminating real estate fraud, and 3) Unite by seminars our cities, villages, and townships (CVTs) Clerks to address their obligations under the State of Michigan statutes.
After years as a citizen advocate participating in public meetings, I ran for the Office of Mayor of Warren in 2015. I am very involved with people, processes, and paperwork. I will promote these County offices to be inclusionary for everyone. Online education and simple document checklists will increase revenue sources. As your elected county-wide official custodian of records, Karen A. Spranger will provide responsive, efficient, transparent and ethical government services to the residents of Macomb County.

Fred Miller
Age: 43
Occupation: Macomb County Commissioner
Municipality of residence: Mount Clemens
For how long: 18 years
Online campaign information:
Education: BA of Political Theory & Constitutional Democracy from James Madison College at Michigan State University
Previously held elected offices: Macomb County Commissioner 2011 to present; State Representative 2005 to 2010
Top goals: My priorities as Clerk/ RoD would include creation of the “Senior Advocate” position to better meet the needs of our aging population, proactive outreach to new county residents to welcome and include them in Macomb County, and standing up against further efforts to erode voting rights. I will push the entire department to place older customers at the center of our thinking and reform the office to better serve the needs of older citizens, including doing outreach to places seniors live and socialize. Newer residents are similarly important. Again, proactive outreach to update voter registration as well as familiarize new residents with available services will help make the Clerk’s Office an important “welcome wagon” for new residents. Lastly, Carmella Sabaugh has been an outspoken advocate for voting rights and if I am honored to serve as Macomb County Clerk, I will be similarly outspoken both locally and in Lansing.


U.S. House of Representatives District 10
Four candidates are running for one two-year term.

Paul Mitchell
Age: 59
Occupation: Retired CEO of Ross Education
Municipality of residence: Dryden, MI
For how long: 1 1/2 years
Online campaign information:
Education: Bachelors Degree, Michigan State University
Previously held elected offices: St. Clair City Council
Top goals: I am not a politician. I spent my career in the private sector building a company and creating jobs. I want to put my experience to work to get our economy moving again so our children can find opportunity and workers take home pay can rise. My economic plan would repeal and replace our overly complex tax code with a simplified pro-growth plan that reduces rates for all, streamline the federal budget process and enact a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. My plan can be viewed at 
We also need to defend and secure our nation.  My priorities are to secure our borders, protect our infrastructure and communities, and strengthen our military to better defend against the enemies of freedom. My plan can be viewed at 
I will also fight for the home team by protecting our Great Lakes and supporting Michigan industry and agriculture.

Frank Accavitti Jr.
Age: 59
Occupation: Founder/CEO of Accavitti Consulting Group L.L.C.
Municipality of residence: Lexington
For how long: Since April
Online campaign information: WWW
Education: Wayne State University June 1977 - June 1979
Western Michigan University August 1975 - May 1977
Previously held elected offices: Macomb County Commissioner 22nd District
Michigan State Representative 42nd District
Eastpointe Mayor
Eastpointe City Councilman
Top goals: My #1 priority: More jobs for the people of the 10th District. As Congressman, I will lead the District into the 21st Century by expanding high-speed internet, natural gas line extension and conversion to 3-phase electric service. These efforts will benefit farmers and businesses throughout the District. Our utility infrastructure can improve. Connecting citizens to the global internet with fiber-optics will foster small business startups and give folks a better chance to access education and training. Updating our electric and gas service will create immediate jobs for the construction skilled-trades and lay the framework for thousands more jobs in the near future. Co-locating utility infrastructure can maximize efficiency, minimize expense, and better protect the environment. All this work will be done here, in the 10th District, and can never be off-shored. I will accomplish this by working with my fellow Congresspersons and reaching across the aisle to forge similar relationships to the ones that helped me work bipartisan legislation though the process in the Michigan Legislature.

Lisa Lane Gioia
Age: 48
Occupation: business owner
Municipality of residence: West Bloomfield
For how long: 14 years
Online campaign information:
Education: Bachelor of Arts with Distinction, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (1989);
The Inter-University for Japanese Language Studies, Yokohama
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: (1) Balancing the budget by reducing, and preferably eliminating, programs (e.g., the Affordable Care Act) and agencies (e.g., the Department of Education, FEMA) whose mandates should be served as per the Constitution by the individual states or would be better served by private organizations;
(2) abolishing the federal income tax and instituting a consumption tax in its place, as well as reducing corporate taxes, because reduction of taxation will provide more disposable income for individuals and more investment incentives for companies, leading to a stronger economy;  
(3) establishing term limits on Senators and Congressmen, thus eliminating career politicians and forcing representatives to be accountable to citizens as opposed to special interests.

Benjamin Nofs
Age: 31
Occupation: Mechanical Design Technician
Municipality of residence: Port Huron (St. Clair County)
For how long: 31 years
Online campaign information:
Education: Associates of Applied Business; Associates of Science: Engineering Graphics Technology
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: Eradicate poverty by raising minimum wage to a living wage of $15/hr over a period of 3 years, making college tuition free for academically qualified students, cancel student debt much like we did to bailout Wall St., and guarantee healthcare as a right to all citizens.
Improve our military budget by cutting military spending by 50% and use the savings to help our veterans. Close bases that are not being used for national security concerns. Put a freeze on funding governments that harbor terrorist, such as Saudi Arabia. Enact a weapons embargo on governments that harbor terrorism.
Put people back to work by creating a guarantee work program for anyone who wants a job. We have several infrastructure problems that need people to work, including roads, bridges, water and sewer systems, airports, clean energy rail systems, and clean energy electric grid.

Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan
A Proposal Authorizing the Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan (RTA) to Levy an Assessment
The proposal would authorize the Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan (RTA) to levy within Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne counties a property tax assessment:
• at a rate of 1.2 mills ($1.20 per $1,000 of taxable value);
• for 20 years beginning in 2016 and ending in 2035;
• that may not be increased, renewed, or used for other purposes without direct voter approval; and
• to be used upon the affirmative vote of an RTA board member from each RTA member jurisdiction for the purpose of construction and operation of a public transportation system connecting Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne counties, including rapid transit bus routes across county lines, specialized service for senior citizens and people with disabilities, commuter rail, airport express service, and other public transportation purposes permitted by law, consistent with RTA bylaws and subject to the limitations of the Regional Transit Authority Act.
If this new additional assessment is approved and levied, revenue will be disbursed to the RTA. It is estimated that $160,907,285 will be collected in the first year.
Should this assessment be approved?