Macomb County prosecutor declines charges for shooting of 2 women

Self-defense cited as reason

By: Eric Czarnik | Sterling Heights Sentry | Published April 1, 2024

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STERLING HEIGHTS — A woman who police say shot two people near Schoenherr and Hall roads will not be charged after the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office concluded that self-defense was involved.

Sterling Heights police said they heard about gunfire outside a restaurant in the 44000 block of Schoenherr Road, south of M-59/Hall Road, at around 4:30 p.m. Feb. 27.

Police said two people were shot — one woman reportedly was wounded in the neck, and the second woman was wounded in the arm. They were taken to the hospital and were listed in stable condition, police said.

One officer reported that the woman shot in the neck said she and the other wounded woman — her mom — were, in the words of the report, “in a road rage with a lady and the lady shot them both.”

Police noted that a red Jeep Compass was stopped behind a white Dodge Durango, and neither was in a parking spot. Both vehicles had open driver doors. Police said they saw a black Smith & Wesson revolver on the Durango’s dashboard. Police said they arrested the shooter, who had earlier been in the Durango.

During the investigation, police interviewed witnesses. One witness reported that two people got out of their vehicle and were yelling at someone who was seated in the other vehicle, and then the dispute reportedly escalated, followed by a loud “pop” noise. A physical altercation occurred prior to the gunfire, according to another officer’s witness report.


Prosecutor declines charges
Sterling Heights police said they gave a warrant request packet to the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office regarding possible charges. Police said they heard from the Prosecutor’s Office March 11 that there was “insufficient evidence to prove the elements beyond a reasonable doubt” and that “video evidence and 9-1-1 callers support self defense claim made by the Defendant.”

According to police, the Prosecutor’s Office also said evidence confirmed that the defendant “was being assaulted in her car” and that the two women “listed (as) victims in the initial police report were actually the aggressors and assaulted the Defendant inside of her vehicle.”

In a March 12 press release, the Prosecutor’s Office said the Compass containing the mother and daughter followed the Durango to the parking lot near Hall and Schoenherr, and the Durango stopped at a stop sign there. Then the Compass reportedly stopped behind the Durango, and the mother and daughter allegedly exited and approached the Durango’s driver’s side.

“The mother and daughter began physically assaulting the driver of the Durango,” the prosecutors’ press release added. “A third party bystander attempted to approach the driver of the Durango during the physical assault to give aid. The Durango driver, in fear for her life, pulled her handgun and shot one time striking both women. The bystander fled once she heard the gunshot.

“An eyewitness who called 911 stated: ‘those two girls tried to attack the shooter … those two girls were beating up on her,’” the press release continued.

“Denying charges on the ground of self defense is a recognition of the inherent right to protect oneself when faced with imminent danger,” Macomb County Prosecutor Peter Lucido said in a statement.

The Prosecutor’s Office said the woman wielding the revolver had a valid concealed pistol license, and the two women who had been shot were “recovering from non-life threatening injuries.”

The Prosecutor’s Office said it had considered at one point pursuing charges against the mother and daughter, but decided not to after investigating and talking to witnesses and the shooter.

Sterling Heights police Lt. Mario Bastianelli declined to comment about the Prosecutor’s Office’s action.

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