Looking Back: The Village of St. Clair Shores Fire Department in 1928

St. Clair Shores Sentinel | Published October 14, 2015


ST. CLAIR SHORES — The North End St. Clair Shores Village Fire Department gathered at the station located on Jefferson Avenue and Avon Street for a photograph with their mascot dog on October 28, 1928. Standing by the left fire truck, from left, were Ken Bell, Norm Whiting and Chief James Stapleton.  On the left truck were, from left, Harvey Burke, John Koepsell, Captain Jim Bell, Ed Bell and Dave Meldrum.

Standing by the right fire truck, from left, were George Springer, George Supernaugh and Wesley Nesky. On the right truck, from left, were Ed Trombley, John Boyd, L. Vincent, Tom Dickman, Roy Vernier, Clarence Vernier, Otto Robel and Clarence Lacey. John Boyd was killed on a fire run on November 4, 1928.

According to the July, 1928 Nellis Newspaper Pageant of Progress Edition, no fire protection was available in St. Clair Shores previous to May, 1927. At that time, the Village Commission purchased two chemical and pumping engines, with a capacity of 700 gallons per minute, and located one fire engine at each end of the village. Two volunteer fire departments were organized, and in April, 1928, the Commission appointed a chief of the Fire Department. At that time, there were twenty volunteers in each company. Two siren whistles were established, which could be heard for four miles. Fire engines at that time could reach any part of the village within ten minutes after a call was received.

— Submitted by Cynthia Bieniek, Archivist